Daily Archives: May 12, 2010

Redwood Bound…

Today was our last full day in Petaluma. Tomorrow we’ll head about 300 miles north to Klamath, CA to check out the Redwoods in the Redwood National Park.

Jan woke up under the weather today so about 11:30 am I headed out to get my leaking truck tire fixed at the Big O Tires down the street.

Later in the afternoon Jan was feeling better, so about 2:30 pm we headed up the road about 15 miles to Santa Rosa to pick up some magazines at the Barnes & Noble and scout out a place to take on about 90 gallons of diesel on our way north tomorrow morning.. I’ve still got about 60 gallons onboard which is more than enough to get us up to Klamath, but since we will then be in the middle of Redwood National Park, I figure it’ll be better to fill up now.

Coming back we checked out a small truck stop about 12 miles up the road that has enough room for us to get in and out, so we’ll stop there tomorrow morning.

Getting back to Petaluma about 4pm we stopped at the Gourmet Garden for supper. This is a great Chinese buffet that we ate at last week and it was just as good this time.

We got back to the rig a little before 6 pm and I started getting things ready to travel tomorrow.

More then…