Daily Archives: May 7, 2010

Napa Valley…

We started out today with lunch at Gourmet Garden Buffet, a really good Chinese Buffet, Jan said it was as good as EAT in Yuma, or the one in Celina, OH.

Then we headed out thru the Napa Valley over to Vacaville, about 50 miles away.  It was miles of rolling hills, wineries, and vineyards. If we had taken advantage of all the free wine tastings along the way, we would have been snockered before we were halfway there.

The reason for going to Vacaville was that it was the nearest Sam’s Club for refilling our prescriptions. Leaving the Sam’s we went next door to the Walmart for some groceries, only to discover that it wasn’t a super Walmart so it didn’t have a full grocery store, And the next one didn’t either. Maybe it’s something about California.

Coming back into Petaluma we stopped off at a Safeway to pick up the groceries we needed before heading back to the rig.

Tomorrow we planned on driving down to San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge, and on down to Monterey and Carmel. But Jan’s been fighting off a migraine so we’ll just have to see.

More later…