Daily Archives: December 27, 2014

Chili and Fry’s . . .

A little before 10am Jan and I headed out to Clear Lake for the day. After an hour and 15 minute trip, our first stop was the Twin Peaks in Webster for lunch. Since we planned to have dinner with our son Chris and his family, we thought we’d just have soup. In my case it was a bowl of their delicious Venison Chili, and Jan is hooked on their Creamy Tomato Soup.

But since we hadn’t had coffee or muffins this morning, we also added a side salad, which for a simple $2.29 side salad, turned out to be really good, and really big. With croutons, grated cheese, and 5 or 6 kinds of lettuce and cabbage, it was a meal by itself. If we had known how big it was going to be, we would have gotten cups of soups, rather than bowls.

Leaving lunch, we drove over to the SuperCuts so Jan could get her haircut. While she was there, I went next door to the auto parts store from some fuses. Then when she was finished we headed over to our storeroom to meet our son Chris to try and finish up cleaning it out. But it quickly became evident that the on-and-off heavy rains were going complicate things, to the point that we weren’t going to be able to finish up today. With the rain we weren’t going to be able to take loads of stuff to Goodwill. So it looks like we’ll have the storeroom for another month.

Finishing up with what we could do today, we headed over to the Fry’s Electronics and then on to EPO, another local electronics place, before dropping off a letter at the PO.

Then it was on to Chris’ to spend some time before we went out to supper. Linda said she couldn’t print from her desktop computer to the Samsung Laser Printer, so I took a look at the problem.

Tried printing a test page from the printer driver itself with no luck, so deleted and reinstalled the printer driver, again with no luck. Even did it twice to be sure.

Finally deleted the driver once again, then went into the registry and deleted everything left that related to Samsung. Next I went to the Samsung website and let their Web-based installer install the latest drivers. And this fixed the problem.

This problem fixed, we headed over to Barcenas Mexican Restaurant about 5:30 for a great dinner with Chris and Linda. Unfortunately Piper was out with friends.

Finally got on the road home a little before 7pm, getting back to the rig a little after 8pm. Another really nice day, if not as productive as we’d hoped.


Thought for the Day:

Beware the pull on your heart-strings — it’s often the purse-strings that are actually being reached for. — Barbara Mikkelson