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Cabo and Conroe . . .

Jan and I walked again this morning, this time doing one of the walking paths that circle the park, upping our distance to 0.88 miles from yesterday’s 0.80. We did come across a lot of deer today, as the warm sun made it nice, even though it was only in the 50’s.

Colorado River Deer

We’ll try to bump it up a little more tomorrow,  which will be the last day we’ll walk here, since we leave here for Lake Conroe Thousand Trails on Sunday.

I had started our coffee brewing before we left, so all I had to do when we got back was to pour it into our mugs, and start the pumpkin bread toasting. Then we sat outside for a while, just in time for Janice and Dave Evans to walk by. Taking a break, they sat down for a while as we talked over our past and upcoming travels, but finally Dave’s chores beckoned too strongly, and they headed back to their rig.

After working for while on some computer stuff, about 1pm I walked next door to Bonnie and Vance Clegg’s to see if they wanted to meet us at Los Cabos this evening, but they’d just finished up with lunch, and said they wouldn’t be hungry by 4. But we did start talking before Jan wondered what happened to me and came over too. By the time we headed home, it was about 3pm. Time flies when RV’er get together.

About 4pm Jan and I drove around the circle to pick up our friend Randy to have dinner in Columbus at Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant, our favorite local Mexican place, actually our only local Mexican place. But we’ve never had a bad meal here.

They have all the basics, good chips and salsa, good iced tea, and good service. Oh, and the food’s really good too.

Jan had the Stuffed Avocado, stuffed with fajita beef and cheese, and also a beef fajita taco, and a cup of tortilla soup.

Los Cabos Stuffed Avocado

I had the Grilled Fajita Chicken Salad, with their homemade Ranch dressing.

Los Cabos Chicken Salad

Both really good!

I spent some time going over ideas about boondocking with Randy. He’s planning on boondocking for about 5 days the first part of next year, but he hasn’t done it before, so he wanted to get some tips.

Heading home I stopped off the hardware store to pick up a rotary file or hasp. I need to open up a hole in the inside metal wall of the coach. I was looking for one 5/8” in diameter, but the only thing they stocked were the Dremel size ones, which would be too small. So it’s off to Lowe’s when we get to Conroe.

Getting back to the park, we stopped off at the rig for a couple of minutes before we headed down to the C loop to visit with Janice and Dave Evans.

Janice and Dave Evans

And as usual, several hours went by before we realized it, and it was after 8pm before we got back to the rig.

Finishing up, I want to again thank everyone that sent in Gingerbread Man postcards to Landon’s class. Brandi sent over this email from Landon’s teacher.

Hello Parents!
It was so nice getting to know and teach your little ones. The time went by so quickly.  They are so AMAZING and  I will miss them dearly.  Thank you for all the support that you have shown me during this time. The kids absolutely loved getting the postcards from our run away Gingerbread man.  He has returned  (smile) but the cards are still flooding in.  I just tell the kids that he ran around the world so fast he beat the mailman!  They love getting it. Please tell your family members thank you for sending them it.  It would not have worked with out them.  We got postcards from all over the United States even Italy and Germany!  They are posted up by the state they came from on a big map we have in the classroom.  Mrs. Vasquez will be back when your kiddo’s return from Winter break and she is so excited to see the kids again.  Please have a great break!  Until next time.
Mrs. Blocker

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated.


Thought for the Day:

If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.