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Cornbread and Coconut . . .

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Jan and I hit the walking trail again this morning, extending our distance to 0.92 according to the RunKeeper app on my phone. When we come back here in two weeks I’ve mapped out another trail that will push us up to about 1.25 miles.

Looking at the site map it doesn’t look like Lake Conroe TT has any discreet walking/hiking trails. Instead it seems they have a path marked out along the park roads, I guess hoping you don’t get run over by a golf cart or an RV. But if the weather holds, we’ll keep walking while we’re at Lake Conroe, and then back here at Colorado River.

For our post-walk coffee and English muffins, we sat outside for a while enjoying the warm sun, and watching the deer down in the field.

Colorado River Deer 2

We really hope we’re lucky enough to get this site when we come back in two weeks.

Finally coming inside, Jan started putting together a batch of her Famous King Ranch Chicken in the slow-cooker, and I made some phone calls setting up some food for our Christmas dinner.

First up was the Fish Pond Restaurant in Willis so we can pick up one of their great Coconut Cream pies for Christmas dessert, and then I called the Cracker Barrel up in Conroe to order some of their delicious Cornbread Dressing and Giblet Gravy that we’ll pick up Thursday on the way to our Christmas Eve get-together.

With everyone scattered around between Conroe, Friendswood, and Katy, and Lowell’s parents coming in from Oklahoma, we’re trying to keep the whole ‘cooking’ thing as simple as possible.

Next up I went back outside to get a jump on our move to Lake Conroe TT tomorrow morning. First thing, I checked my tire pressures and found them all OK. These Ironman tires that we got after our blow-out in Arizona this past summer, really hold air well. Except for adding or releasing air to allow for summer/fall temperature changes, I’ve never had add any air since we bought these tires in Prescott, AZ this past summer.

Next up I packed away the chairs and other stuff into the toad, and then dumped the waste tanks. When that was done, I went ahead and disconnected us from shore water and stowed all the hoses. This means that tomorrow morning I will only have to stow the satellite dome and unplug shore power, and we’ll be ready to roll. Finally, having walked almost a mile this morning, and then accomplished so much around the rig, I rewarded myself with a nice little nap.

While I was asleeep, our friend Janice Evans dropped by to visit with Jan for a while, and then my friend Nick Russell called. but oblivious to everything, I slept through it all. Nice!

When I got up, I called Nick back to see what was going on. He said he had just published his new book, “Black Friday”, on Amazon, and that it should be live sometime this evening. I’ve been checking, and as of a little before 10pm, it still wasn’t available yet. I’ll keep checking.

After that I remember that I had bought some hooks at the hardware store to use on my truck floor mats. While we were on the gate, I had used my grommet kit to install some grommets on my floor mats.

Turck Floor Mat Grommets

They keep sliding forward and scrunching up under the pedals, so I wanted to fix that. I looked around for the right hooks, but they were all either too small, or too weak. Finally I found some coat hooks that look like they’d do the job.

It was quick work to screw them into the floor board and get them ready to use. I had already checked with a Dodge dealer to be sure there were no wires or hoses running underneath that I might puncture, so i was OK there.

Floor Mat Hooks 1

And here’s what it looks like with the mats in place.

Floor Mat Hooks 2

Although they are kind of ‘white’, they’re actually up under the seat so they’re really not easily visible. We’ll see how they’ll hold up.

Folowing up with my shower leak repair, it looks like whatever leak I had is gone. Here’s what leaked out after four showers.

Shower Drip Pan

Absolutely nothing.

I’ll keep the foam bowl in place for a while, especially to see what happens after we travel tomorrow.

We’ll plan on heading out to Lake Conroe TT, 120 miles away, tomorrow morning around 10am. Being Sunday, we shouldn’t have much trouble in the way of traffic, but you never know with Houston traffic.


Thought for the Day:

Never judge a book by its movie. — J. W. Eagan