Black Bears and Kindle Books . . .

Not much went on during the day. I did some web stuff and work a little on my project.

I did go outside and put my anemometer pole back up. I had taken it down when we did our RV test drive last Sunday and waited to put it back up today until I had redone the mounting.

Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday) we’re meeting Brandi, Lowell, and Landon at one of our favorite diner chains, the recently-opened Black Bear Diner up in Katy. We’ve been eating at Black Bear locations out west for years, from southern California all the way up to Bend, OR, and as far east as Las Vegas. In between were Mt. Shasta CA, Redding CA, Yreka CA,  and even the original one, the Hi-Lo Cafe in Weed, CA. Though actually it’s the Hi-Lo Motel and Café . . . and RV Park.

So why is the first one called the Hi-Lo Café and the rest of them called Black Bear Diners? Well, there was a divorce involved, and so in 1995 one party moved down to Mt. Shasta, about 10 miles south and opened the first Black Bear Diner in the shadow of Mt. Shasta itself

Mt Shasta RV Park

They both have the same newspaper-like menus, and the menu items are pretty much identical, just with different names. But all the same delicious food.

The last time we ate at the Hi-Lo Café was last May right before The Great Transmission Repair. And as part of that, we ended up staying at the Hi-Lo RV Park for a couple of days.

One thing interesting about the Hi-Lo café and Weed, CA is that they consider themselves the actual beginning of the Al-Can Highway.

Al-Can Beginning

Now Dawson Creek, Canada might disagreed with that, but Weed makes a pretty good case.

Dawson Creek BC

They say that US 97 originates in Weed, CA and goes all the way up to Dawson Creek. And checking it out when we got home shows they’re right.

US 97 runs up to the Canada border at Oroville, WA and there it becomes PH (Provincial Highway) 97 and, poof!, 1400 miles later you’re in Dawson Creek. And then PH 97 runs along with the Al-Can all the way up to Watson Lake in the Yukon along with PH 1.

But when you get Dawson Creek, it’s still another 1500 miles to Fairbanks. A   long trip.

This just in . . .

Mullets and Man Buns

The latest book in Nick Russell’s John Lee Quarrels series, Mullets and Man Buns, went live on Amazon Kindle today, so get your copy before they run out of electrons

Thought for the Day:

Patience – What you have when there are too many witnesses.



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