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Well, It’s Started . . .

On the way into work this morning it was obvious that many restaurants had been anticipating May 1st, Opening Day. “Opening Day’, as in we can finally go out to eat again, for the first time since March 15.

Talk about withdrawal!

And it was easy to see that some restaurants were more prepared than others. Places like Slim Chickens, Jimmy Changa’s, Twin Peaks, Saltgrass (Yah!) and Cracker Barrel all had big banners out front, celebrating with ‘We’re Back!’, ‘We’re Open!’, and ‘Now Open!’. Obviously they had had these printed up ahead of time. And since all of these places had a lot of cars in the parking lot, I would imagine more places will be opening ASAP.

As far as I know, the only restrictions for right now is that the restaurant can only seat 25% of their allowed capacity, which I assume is what the fire marshal rates the place for.

Looks like starting June 1st, we’re going to lose our Distant Network Service on DirecTV. The DNS gives us all the East Coast and West Coast Network Stations, no matter where we are in the country, a great service when we’re traveling.

When we’re in Texas pretty much anywhere, we get the local stations here on the Houston spotlight. But of course if we’re traveling outside the state we can call and change to those local stations, but it’s hit or miss on how difficult it is. I’ve actually talked to Customer Service people who told me that it’s impossible to have DirecTV in our RV, and that I must be lying to them.

And of course we would have to change any scheduled shows that we wanted to record. So DNS made that a lot easy.

Some people have received emails/postcards saying that DNS was going away, though we haven’t received any notice yet.

But now, after 22+ years it may just be time to say goodbye to DirecTV. We’ll see.

Here’s another article concerning the benefits of Vitamin D in the WuFlu fight.

People with low levels of Vitamin D may be more likely to catch coronavirus and die from COVID-19 infection

Early articles like this are why Jan and I bumped up our D3 intake to 10,000 i.u. per day.

And here’s an article about how HCQ assisted in saving a 3 week infant right here in Houston.

Well, I’m go to try it one time.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with my trials and tribulation with the oil leak on our RV’s Cummins 350 ISC engine. Jan suggested I give it one more try before taking the rig up to the Cummins dealer in north Houston.

I know it has something to do with the gasket between the oil cooler and the filter adapter head,  the part that the oil filter screws into.

Oil Filter Hub Adapter

Every time I have removed the head and replaced the gasket, the leak gets better or worse, but never goes away completely.

However the thing that has always bothered me is the torque specs for the 4 bolts that mount the hub to the oil cooler flange. The spec’d 211 in. pounds = 17+ foot pounds, which just doesn’t seem tight enough. And just to be sure it wasn’t my torque wrench I borrowed another one to double check, but no change.

So I’ve ordered another gasket and I’m going to give it a try again, but this time maybe take it up to 30 foot pounds in small increments and see how it feels.

Oil Rig Adapter Gasket

And yes, I’ve talked to the online Cummins Techs, but all they’ll do is just quote me the manual. And this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve found mistakes in the manuals. I have tried to talk to the Service Manager at Cummins in Houston, but no one will ever call me back.

So, one more time.

Thought For The Day:

WuFlu is starting to feel like the Check Engine light on your car. At first it freaks you out, but after a few weeks, you’re like ‘Look, I gotta go to work.’


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