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Torchy’s And Brownies . . .

This interesting pre-print study from Cell medical journal may explain why many people like me got inconclusive WuFlu tests.

A majority of the population may have ‘some degree’ of preexisting immunity to COVID-19

Jan and I headed up to Katy to have a Memorial Day Weekend get-together with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon. It wasn’t anything fancy, Lowell and I ran out and picked up Torchy’s Tacos and Brandi baked up a big pan of her extra-fudgey brownies. All simple, but delicious.

We mostly just sat around and for some reason watched a replay of last year’s Indy 500. Then around 4pm Landon’s Bestie, Sophie and her mother biked over so Sophie and Landon could spend the afternoon together.

Landon and Sophie 20200524

Which they spent gaming each other sitting side by side, the same way they play each other when they’re at their homes.

Sophie and Landon have been friends for years, and their birthdays are so close that they usually celebrate their birthdays together. They’ll both be 10 in August, and it was a real surprise to see what a growth spurt she’d had since last August.

Then she was about an inch taller than Landon, but now she’s almost a foot taller. Of course that’s not unusual since girls usually get that spurt before boys do.

Before we headed home about 5pm, Brandi showed us all the improvements they’d made to their backyard pool area.

The fence on the right is new, finally replaced after it was taken out by Hurricane Harvey.

Really looking forward to a swim when the weather’s better.

And here’s another in our Where We Were XX Years Today Series.

May 25, 2010

A Beautiful Day in Montana…

Today was really pretty uneventful. We left Blackwell Island RV Park in Coeur d’Alene about 9:45 heading for Garrison, MT about 240 miles away.

A little over an hour later we entered Montana and the Mountain Time Zone, so 11 am became 12 noon.

About 12:15 we stopped at a rest area for a quick snack lunch, and while we were there, Jan started a crock-pot meal of her world-famous chicken spaghetti. She then puts the crock-pot in the sink to keep it in place. It plugs in just like normal, since the coach inverter gives us AC power on the road. And it really started to smell good as we drove.

Just as on our trip to Alaska two years ago, the scenery between Coeur d’Alene and here is really fantastic. The hills start out heavily forested, and gradually thinned out  to these sparsely-vegetated rolling hills.

And as you can see, the weather was fantastic too.

The biggest thing we’ve noticed since leaving the coast is the much cooler nighttime temperatures. It’s been in the mid 30’s almost every night. Last night here in Garrison it was 31 degrees with rain/snow showers.

And as you’ll see below there’s still a lot of snow on the mountain tops.

Even today, although it was very sunny, I don’t think it made 60 degrees.

MTScenery 1 MTScenery 2 MTScenery 3

We arrived at here at Riverfront RV Park about 4 pm and started setting up.  About 5pm Jan added the spaghetti to the crock-pot and turned it on high to cook.

Our daughter Brandi called about then to talk about her upcoming wedding on June 21st.  Then about 5:15 our daughter-in-law Linda called to chat about Brandi’s bridal shower this weekend.

And the scenery here at the park is pretty good, too.  Here’s the view out our front window. Note the snow.

RiverfrontRV 1

Here’s our site here,

RiverfrontRV 2

And here’s Mister on the prowl. Note the leash.

We just let him drag it around.  After all, the park rules just say “All pets must be on a leash.”  Nothing says I have to be holding it.

RiverfrontRV 3

About 7:30 about a half dozen magpies showed up out in front of our rig. The last time we saw magpies was two years ago in Dawson Creek, BC, Canada, on our way to Alaska. These are really beautiful birds.

Magpie 1

Magpie 2

Tomorrow we head for Billings, MT for one night, and then on to Gillette, WY for the American Coach Rally.


Thought For The Day:

Here’s actress Alyssa Milano’s Twitter post showing off the latest in haute couture fashion, her crocheted mask. Maybe missing the point.

Allysa Milano Mask

She later tweeted that “

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