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A Bad Reaction . . .

Yesterday while we were at WalMart, Jan decided to get the second shot in the two shot pneumonia series. Bad Move.

Though she didn’t have any problems with the first shot a year ago, about 7:30 lst night she fell asleep on the sofa and then about 8:30 woke up with a terrible pain in her left arm, so bad that she said it was numb and she couldn’t move it.

Heart Attack, right!

Well, I immediately gave her 4 baby aspirin and then started checking her for symptoms. But she didn’t really have any.

No sweating, no chills, no nausea, no heartburn. I thought about getting out my blood pressure cuff and checking each arm, but then remembered my new Pulse Oximeter.

Pulse Oximeter

Putting it on the right hand, I got 70 bpm and 98% Oxygen. So no rapid heart rate. Then putting it on her left arm, I got 70 bpm and 97%.

OK, so no real heart attack symptoms. Sigh of relief.

Then about this time Jan mentioned that this was the site of her pneumonia shot, and that it was hot and swollen. And going online, this problem is one of many side effects of the pneumonia shot.

She had a rough night on the sofa, but felt a little better this morning. But to help things along, I dug out some Tramadol tablets that I took last year for my sciatica and gave her one. And about 30 minutes later she was feeling much better. She took one more about 2:30, and didn’t need another one.

Just another reason I don’t like/get shots like this.

But she’s just about back to normal now.

Dodged a bullet.

Tomorrow I think we’re going to have dinner at Saltgrass for steak once again. Really looking forward to it.

Thought For The Day:

CoVid Test Kit


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