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It’s Back . . .

My BPPV had almost faded away yesterday, so I expected it to be completely gone this morning, as it has done in the past. But when I got up this morning, it was back in spades, actually worse than it was when it started Sunday morning. But by late this afternoon, it had disappeared completely.

Well, it looks like DirecTV’s DNS (Distant Network Service) service hasn’t gone away, at least completely. So far we’ve only lost ABC east and west, and CW east and west.

According to this, DirecTV made some sort of side deal with CBS, NBC, and Fox. Apparently they got so many complaints, cancellations, and threatened cancellations, that they’re trying to keep it working. Because it’s not just RV’ers that use the DNS. It’s also long-haul truckers, isolated ranchers, and even full-time boaters.

But Jan and I are still looking for a DirecTV alternative. And so far the one that keeps bubbling to the top of the list is the YouTube TV steaming service.

It has over 70 channels, including all the local networks, and all the other channels we normally watch, except for History and WGN. But those two are not very heavy on our watch/record list. And we can stream them online on other free services.

It also gives you 6 accounts that you can share with family members, 3 simultaneous streams, and the best part, unlimited cloud DVR space. Well, actually, the real best part is that it’s only $49.99 per month, about a third of what we pay for DirecTV. And it has a 2 week free trial.

The 3 simultaneous streams thing means that though you can have 6 accounts, only 3 can actually be used at one time, So not a problem for us. And though you have unlimited DVR space, it will only let you keep recordings for 9 months. Again, not a problem, since if we haven’t watched something we recorded 9 months ago, we probably shouldn’t have recorded it anyway.

But strangely, you can’t actually delete a DVR recording anyway. They all just hang around for 9 months until they go away.

Of course, not having DirecTV would be a problem if we were still traveling full-time, since most parks aren’t like this one, and able to support streaming. But we can put our DirecTV in suspension for up to 6 months at a time, so that’s what we’ll probably do rather than just cancel it outright.

That will take care of our 2 or 3 times a year when we travel now. We’ll just turn it back on for a month and then suspend it again.

I mentioned that last Thursday we had tried to go to Pluckers for wings, but the weight was too long before Jan had her pedi-appointment. So we went across the Interstate to get wings at Hooter’s. So today we took another shot at Pluckers. And boy was the difference obvious.

And it wasn’t just the fact that they checked our temps before we were allowed in. The big difference was the size of the wings, or drums, in my case.

Hooter's Wings

This is a 10 drum order from Hooters. I even mentioned to Jan how small they looked, only about 2-1/2 inches long.

And this is 10 drum order from Pluckers.

Plucker's Wings 2

Looks like the Hooters chickens have been on a diet. The Pluckers drums were over an inch longer. And I really liked the Maple Chipotle sauce.

Sweet and Hot.

Thought For The Day:

“Towering genius disdains a beaten path.” – Abraham Lincoln


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