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Lavender Bears and Vaccine Tales . . .

Looks like I’m on schedule to take another shot at fixing our rig’s oil leak tomorrow. As I’ve mentioned I’m going to use two gaskets with sealer, and 4 new bolts.

The original specs say to torque the bolts down to 212 in-lbs, which equals a little over 17 ft-lbs. But this time that’s just going to be my starting point. Well, 20 ft-lbs, anyway. Then I’m going to increase by 2 lbs per time until I get up to about 26 lbs, seeing how it feels as I go.

My thought is that when I first took the adapter hub off last November, I had to use a breaker bar on my ratchet wrench to get the bolts loose, so they were certainly a lot tighter than 17+ ft-lbs.

Another thing I’m going to do after I do an hour long high-idle test for any leaks, I’m going to let everything cool down, maybe the next day, and then pull the filter and retorque the bolts. Then, probably next weekend, we’ll hitch up the toad and take the rig out for a 100 mile or so test drive.

Back on May 10, I posted a blog entitled Lorelei and Chicken Fingers . . . where I expressed my doubts about whether we would ever have a ‘vaccine’ for WuFlu. I based this on a lot of reading and research on Coronaviruses and their origins.

But ‘vaccine’ I mean a one-time shot, like we have for measles, whooping cough, polio, smallpox, etc. Corona is basically a flu/cold virus, and we don’t have ‘vaccines’ for those, just yearly shots that may or may not work very well, with effectiveness as low as 25% some years. So I wondered how long this whole ‘vaccine’ tale was going to survive.

Well, the first cracks in the façade started to appear a couple of days ago when Dr. Fauci admitted he has worries.

White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci said he worries about the “durability” of a potential coronavirus vaccine, saying there’s a chance it may not provide long-term immunity.

“When you look at the history of coronaviruses, the common coronaviruses that cause the common cold, the reports in the literature are that the durability of immunity that’s protective ranges from three to six months to almost always less than a year,” he said. “That’s not a lot of durability and protection.”

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA Commissioner, agrees, saying that CoVid shot will probably end up being included in the yearly flu shot, which usually ends up covering 2 or 3 viruses already. And I’ve said before, only about 50% of the population gets flu shot each year anyway.

Remember I read all this stuff so you don’t have to.

And so it goes.


Another in our Where We Were 9 Years Ago Today series.

June 5, 2011

Lavender Bears . . .

Here’s a new pic of Landon in his new pool. Brandi says he loves it and cries when she takes him out.

Landon Pool 3

She also said she got to sleep in this morning since Lowell got up to take care of Landon. When she got up the house was quiet and she thought Lowell and Landon had made a Starbuck’s run, but when she came out into the living room, she found this. Apparently they had pooped each other out. Really cute.

Landon and Lowell

Friendly RV Park here in Weed

Friendly RV

is a very nice little park with a great view of Mt. Shasta that should look like this.

Mt. Shasta

But due to the rain and overcast looks like this.

Mt Shasta - Park

Although it went down to 39 degrees last night it’s supposed to get into the 60’s today. And it’s supposed to really clear up on Tuesday. We’ll see.

About 12:30 we did our biweekly LandonSkyping, and as usual Landon was all over the place. Brandi and Lowell said if they walk into another room, he’s crawling right along behind them.

Video call snapshot 126

Video call snapshot 137

Video call snapshot 142

We can hardly wait until we get to see him in August.

A little later Jan fixed a lunch of left-over Chinese from Taste of China in Oakhurst last week. I wish we’d brought a gallon of that Hot & Sour Soup with us.

After lunch I finally got the satellite working by moving it about 30 feet behind the rig and shooting through this gap in the trees. It also didn’t help that, although it’s hidden in the overcast,

Park Sat View

this mountain, “Black Butte” is also in the way.

Black Butte

Because of all this I can only get about 75% signal level, but it works.

After a nice nap Jan and I headed out about 5:30 to downtown Weed and the Hi-Lo Diner. The Hi-Lo has been around since the 40’s and is the original store of what became the Black Bear Diner chain of 50 restaurants in 8 states. Apparently there was a divorce back in the 1970’s that split things up. One side then partially bought out the other, leaving the Hi-Lo by itself.

We had been told this place was really good and they were right. Jan had the Chicken Fried Chicken and I had the Chicken Fried Steak, and for dessert Jan had the Blackberry Cobbler and I had the Peach Cobbler, both ala mode.

Hi-Lo Dinner

Boy was it all good. So good that we’re going to eat breakfast there tomorrow before we set out to explore the area.

Leaving the diner we drove around Weed, or what there is of it. Weed is a picturesque town but it only has about 2000 residents.

We did see this neat totem pole, although why it’s in front of a discount store, I have no idea.

Weed Totem

Tomorrow, according to Jan, we going to look for lavender and bears . . . or lavender bears . . .  or something like that.

We’ll see.

Thought for the Day:

Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves for they shall never run out of material.


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