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A Big Day . . .

First off, Happy Father’s Day to all  the fathers out there.

My father had several different careers during his life, starting as 22+ year Police Detective, 4 times decorated for Valor, twice under fire. He was also the state’s police pistol champion for 5 years in a row, until he was asked to stop competing to give someone else a chance.

During WWII he was in the Navy Shore Patrol. Though he tried repeatedly to get a shipboard assignment, he spent the war guarding the Navy Pier in Chicago. He always said that he figured he did his part since ‘No Japs (is that racist now?) ever got past Chicago.”

He was a private pilot, a large motel owner, owned a fleet of shrimp boats in Alabama and South America, and worked for Boeing in Huntsville doing computer support on the Apollo Project. 

Daddy and Me 1951

And yes, that’s me in the winter of 1950.

Jan’s father was in the Army during WWII and landed at Normandy on D-Day, though Jan and her mother didn’t find out about this until he died in 1993. He told everyone he spent the war working in a hanger.

After the war, he went back to college to get a teaching degree, and then reenlisted, this time in the Air Force where he retired as a Senior Master Sergeant in 1967.

Jan's Parents

As far as our weekend up in Katy at our daughter Brandi’s, we spent most of Saturday in the pool, only interrupted by a passing thunderstorm.

2020 Fathers Day 1

You can see the storm coming in below.

2020 Fathers Day 2a

So everyone gathered under the pavilion to wait it out, assisted by various alcoholic beverages.

2020 Fathers Day 2

Even Jack the dog joins in. In fact Jack loves swimming so much he will often jump in the pool for a couple of laps when he’s in the backyard by himself.

2020 Fathers Day 3

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as we did.


Another in our Where We Were 10 Years Ago Today series.

June 21, 2010

Here comes the Bride…

Well, today was the big day!

Our daughter Brandi Leigh White has officially become Brandi White Morrison.

Except for running about 15 minutes late, everything came off perfectly.

The wedding took place in the Chapel Dulcinea, overlooking the Texas Hill County near Austin.

Wedding 1

And the view was spectacular.

Wedding 7

Wedding 4

There were over 40 family and friends in attendance, including a lot of Lowell’s family who came in from Oklahoma, where he’s from.

Wedding 2

Wedding 3

And here’s the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Morrison.

Wedding 5 Wedding 6

As soon as the wedding was over, everyone headed down the road about 5 miles to The Salt Lick BBQ Restaurant for a great meal of Brisket, Ribs, Sausage, and Chicken, complete with all the trimmin’s

And of course, a beautiful wedding cake, too. Wedding 8 Wedding 9

And, yes, the bride statuette means just what you think it does.

Everyone had a great time getting to know all the new family members.

Here our granddaughter Piper (in the middle) has a toast with her new cousins, Sabey and Grace, who are Lowell’s nieces.

Wedding 10

Finally, about 9:30 pm, everyone said their goodbyes and started home.

Wedding 11

I’ll post more pics and info in the next few days.

Thought For The Day:

I got kicked out of ballet class because I pulled a groin muscle. It wasn’t mine. – Rita Rudner


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