Dead Cows and Live Goats . . .

Once again, thanks to everyone for the many nice comments concerning my recent tête-à-tête with She Who Shall Not Be Named.

Jan says one thing everyone needs to know is that I enjoy these, just like my previous interactions with John, another blog commenter in the same mode as ‘SWSNBN’ above. I enjoy the challenge and the interchange of ideas that comes out of these situations.

I’m just sorry that SWSNBN didn’t respond to me with more of her ‘facts’.

As usual there’s a lot of conflicting information coming out on the HCQ front.

The FDA revoked emergency use of hydroxychloroquine, which they allowed several months ago. Based on the article, it looks like they’re doing this due to the Lancet article last month. You know, the one that was completely discredited and turned out to be a hoax.

But then later today, the Secretary of the HHS, Alex Azar, said this revocation has nothing to do with whether or not doctors or hospitals can still prescribe HCQ, and that that is between the doctor and the patient.

In fact, it seems the entire company behind the Lancet article, Surgisphere, was a fraud from the start and has now disappeared completely. And it looks like that goes double for Dr Sapan Desai, the founder. It turns out that Dr. Desai’s entire history is full of fraudulent claims, and he doesn’t really have the two PhD’s, and a Master’s degree, as well as his medical degree that he said he had.

His Wikipedia page was flagged 10 years ago because people noticed many of the claims about him were sourced to his own website.

While at the same time, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Sues FDA for “Irrational” Interference of Access to Life-Saving Hydroxychloroquine.

Meanwhile, an India government study found that Healthcare Workers WereProtected from Covid-19 by Hydroxychloroquine Prophylaxis.

And here’s another positive HCQ study from India. Hydroxychloroquine Effective for Prophylaxis, According to New Study

It really seems strange that all these other countries have such good luck with HCQ and we can’t seem to get it right.

At least this Yale Epidemiology Professor Urges Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin Early Therapy for COVID-19 gets it right.


Another in our Where We Were 7 Years Ago Today series.

June 15, 2013

Cows and Goats . . .

Since we wanted to have breakfast this morning before we left for Nampa, we got all ready to go, and then about 8:55 walked over to the restaurant.

And the breakfast turned out to be as good as last night’s dinner. This is the #1 Combo that I had. Not a bad deal for $6.95. And all really good.

The Narrows RV Park 3

We had the same waitress as we had last night and we asked her about all the cows on the road and she told us about her cow encounter.

SR205 was a good road, except for the cows.

The Narrows RV Park - Cows

We had seen several of the ‘livestock on road’ signs, and she said that she ‘hit six cows last year’.

I then ask “You hit cows six times last year?” She said “No, I hit six cows, all at once. BOOM, BOOM, BOOM . . . I was driving on a dark night, came over a hill, and there was a herd of black cows, so it was BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!”


After she hit the 6 cows, she called 911 and reported the accident. When the 911 operator asked if she needed an ambulance, she said ‘No”. But they sent one anyway. And the 911 operator forgot to tell the ambulance driver about the cows.


The ambulance took out 3 more cows. If you keeping score, we’re up to 9 dead cows now.

Then the police showed up at the scene of the accident.

And they weren’t told about the cows either.


So now we’re up to 11 dead cows. About this time our waitress was picked up by her husband and left the scene. But she said more cows were hit during the night. Apparently the herd of over 200 wandered back and forth over the highway all night.

The next morning they were using forklifts to clean up the highway.


“This is Oregon?”

We headed out from The Narrows RV Park about 9:50, but we considered it as 10:50 because about 70 miles down the road we’ll enter the Mountain Time Zone, so it’s easier to just think that way from the start.

About 25 miles after we left the park, we hooked back up with US20 and headed east for Nampa, ID about 170 miles away. But we quickly began to wonder if we were still in Oregon.

It looked more like what we’ve seen in Wyoming or Montana. Long sweeping vistas with wide valleys, steep climbs, and curvy roads following the Malheur River that runs along side the highway.

And it made for some really nice photos.

Nampa Trip 0

Nampa Trip 1

Nampa Trip 2

Nampa Trip 3

Nampa Trip 4

Nampa Trip 5

Nampa Trip 6

Nampa Trip 7

A really beautiful trip. And even better, considering all the curves, no cat barf from Mister or Emma.

About 40 miles out of Nampa, we got on I-84E, and by about 3pm we were parked and getting set up.

A little after 4pm we were out driving around, thinking about what we wanted for dinner. Then we passed a Texas Roadhouse, and that made the decision for us. Texas Roadhouse it was.

Jan had the 12 oz. Sirloin Strip and I had my usual 16 oz. Ribeye. And both really good.

Getting home about 5:30 we found we had some new neighbors right next door. We seen RV’ers traveling with cats, dogs, turtles, lizards, parrots, cockatoos, and even ferrets and monkeys.

But goats?

Meet (from left to right, Bonnie, Goldie, and hiding out in back, Clyde.

Garrity Goats 1

Their owner says that they’re Nubian goats.

And to Jan’s relief, they’re dairy goats, and pets, and not pre-cabrito.

Garrity Goats 3

Garrity Goats 2

Tomorrow we got a trip of about 180 miles to Declo, ID and the Village of Trees RV Resort.

Hopefully we’ll have as nice a trip as we did today.

Thought for the Day:

“A thief in power is to be preferred to a fool, for a thief may upon occasion take a vacation.” – Anatol France


5 Responses to Dead Cows and Live Goats . . .

  1. Linda in NE says:

    Whatever is said about HCQ, anyone knows that the sooner treatment is given for a disease the more effective it will be. The main problem with HCQ is that it is inexpensive and any pharmaceutical co. that wants its own more expensive product used pushes back against HCQ.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks Greg…and regardless if one needs the above or not…taking zinc, esp as we age, is a smart thing to do!!  Something Hubby and I have done for years….take zinc that is.  I am very leery about the meds…one of them seems kind of related to CIPRO which has destroyed Hubby’s health.

  3. Lois says:

    You saved my life during this pandemic, yours was the first email I would read in the morning and pass on the info to my friends with high anxiety.
    Now if only you could help with my anxiety about the protesters…

  4. Nancy K says:

    FDA just didn’t want to get caught with their pants down by basing their approval partly on fake info, and I’m sure they are under pressure from the big pharm companies to authorize something else much more expensive.  It certainly seems to be working in every other country.

  5. Jim Hamm says:

    Greg, some good comments this morning in your blog on the use of HCQ. This item sure has generated a lot of commentary in the news, both pro and con. I wouldn’t take HCQ (plus appropriate additives) as a preventive, but if I’m infected I sure would try the HCQ regimen then. I’d want to avoid the ventilator if at all possible.

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