Glad To Be Home And Sleeping In Our Own Bed . . .

We were on our way home this morning by about 8:30am, with several detours along the way.

Our first stop was at the Sonic right down the road for breakfast sandwiches for Jan and Miss Piper, and then a little further along for Lattes at the Lazy Heron Coffee House for me and Jan.

Then our 3 car caravan hit the road for Austin with Piper leading the way, followed by Lowell, Brandi, and Landon, and then Jan and I in the Tail-End Charlie position.

We were taking this somewhat round-about way home so we could check out Miss Piper’s apartment there in Austin.

She has a really nice, large two bedroom place in a beautiful tree-lined apartment complex with easy access to the MoPac Expressway, and only about 5 minutes from her present job.

And of course the beautiful 4 poster bed that her father Chris made her.

Piper's Apartment Bedroom

And speaking of jobs, I mentioned before that she was up for a Psychological Counselor position with the Austin Police Department’s 911 Division. Well, she got the job, but due to all the paperwork that has to be done, as well as background checks, it may be late January – early February before she actually starts.

She did say that the FBI background check had come back with no problems, but there’s still more hoops to be jumped through. She also said she’s looking to get started on her Master’s Degree sometime in the near future.

You go girl!

Then after that, our next stop was at the nearby Trudy’s North Star restaurant for their really good breakfast, with some of us getting the buffet and other just ordering from the menu. But all good, however.


Finally, about 11:45, the Houston bunch all headed home with a bathroom/coffee stop at the Buc-ee’s in Waller. (Yeah, I know. A bathroom/coffee break kind of defeats the purpose.)

Jan and I finally got back to the rig about 3:15pm after a really great long weekend with the family.

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  1. Rob says:

    When I read the title to today’s piece my first thought was “don’t they live in an RV? Take your bed with you!”.  🙂

    I’m living in the land of decrees and one of those decrees is no inside dining… it’s been over a year since I went to a buffet.

    I wanted to see if the 300k dead from the Chinese flu showed up, I found these numbers at CDC sites.

    The columns are  the Year, Total deaths that year  and the difference in deaths between that year and the one before it.

    Nothing unusual in the numbers that I can see. (I hope the 3 column formatting holds up). The 2020 numbers are not complete yet but there is enough to get a good idea.


    2/1/2020-12/26/2020  2,902,664 +47826

    2019 2,854,838 +15663

    2018 2,839,205 +25702

    2017 2,813,503  +69255

    2016 2,744,248 +31618

    2015 2,712,630 +86212

    2014 2,626,418 +29425

    2013 2,596,993 +53714

    2012 2,543,279 +27821

    2011 2,515,458 +47023

    2010 2,468,435 +31272

    2009 2,437,163 -34821

    2008 2,471,984 +47989

    2007 2,423,995 -2269

    2006 2,426,264 -21753

    2005 2,448,017 +50402

    2004 2,397,615 -50673

    2003 2,448,288 +4901

    2002 2,443,387 +26962

    2001 2,416,425 +13074

    2000 2,403,351 +11952

    1999 2,391,399


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