I Flirted . . .

After coffee outside, and before I came back in, I turned the shore water back on for just long enough to top off the rig’s 100 gallon water tank. That way we can just turn the pump on and off when we need it, which will limit the leakage from the water heater until I can get it replaced.

And actually, I don’t think this little bit of water will really hurt anything, since it’s just dripping down into the bay underneath. And that bay is just filled with sealed plastic bins. So it shouldn’t be a problem.

Back inside, I spent the morning looking at YouTube videos on RV Water Heater changeouts. And as I thought there’s nothing really difficult about it.

Just disconnect the power, water, and gas, remove the 16 screws on the door flange, and then start working it out. Then, reverse the process.

So next I started looking at the best place to buy the new unit. And I found a wide variation in pricing, from $980 from Camping World, $780 from WalMart Online, down to $700 on eBay for a new one, or $590 for a new, slightly bent one on eBay too, but that’s non-returnable.

So the best option, once again, is Amazon, at $641 with free shipping, but not Prime however. But it would be here in about a week.

But while I was looking for new water heaters, I flirted with a couple of other ideas. One, was to just replace the leaky tank with a new tank. Which would only cost about $200. But there’s the time needed to pull out the water heater, disassemble it, install the new tank, put it all back together, and then reinstall the unit in the RV. A lot of extra time. And I’d still essentially have a 21 year old unit, just with a new tank.

So, never mind.

I also flirted with the idea of a tankless unit, but I couldn’t find one that was electric, and not propane. There’s no one around here that will deliver propane to our rig to keep it in propane.

I actually was expecting to find RV tankless electric units since I know that new high-end rigs don’t even have gas anymore. Just all electric and a big, honking bunch of house batteries.

I now suspect that the RV’s may be using the smaller home units that work just fine since they don’t have to supply several bathrooms at one time.

So, never mind.

Wrapping up.

In other news, Hugo quit.

At least that’s what Angie said was the reason that, instead our usual looking Denny’s Ultimate Omelet that normally looks like this.

Denny's Ultimate Omelet 20210627

But instead we got this dinky offering.

Denny's Ultimate Omelet 20210829

Angie said that Hugo, our usual cook had quit, and the new guy they hired last worked in a pizza place.

Angie said she was not impressed.

And neither were we.


Thought For The Day:

Don’t let anyone else ruin your day. It’s YOUR day.

Ruin it yourself.

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