Banished To Quarantine . . .

When I left work yesterday the office manager’s machine was stuck in an Windows Update loop, saying the update was 100% complete, over and over.

I got to this point because I was trying get rid of one of those annoying pop-ups that live in the bottom right corner of the screen, saying things like you have 5 viruses and click here to get rid of them.

Norton Popup

Or your McAfee antivirus subscription has expired. Or click here to add $750 to your Google Cash Account.

But in getting rid of the popup, I had to reboot the computer. And when I did that, Windows decided to do an Update. And when it was finished, it stayed stuck at 100%. So since it was at 100% I went ahead and powered off and back on, hoping this would work.

But it didn’t.

So since I was already over an hour past my normal going home time, I decide to just let it run and hope it would finally come back up. And when I logged in remotely later in the evening, it was back up and running with no problems. And stayed that way for the rest of the evening when I checked back.

BUT, when I checked with Jennifer this morning, the pop-up was back.

So I logged in remotely and downloaded the big gun, Combo Cleaner. I have never found anything the paid version want find and eliminate. And after about an hour of deep scanning, Combo Cleaner found the offender and banished it to Quarantine.


Thought For The Day:

The only person who normally listens to both sides of an argument is the next door neighbor.



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