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Wings Over Houston Wrap-Up

Finishing up with Saturday’s Wings Over Houston Airshow, after the F-22 demo flight, the Raptor teamed up with a P-51 Mustang for a Heritage Flight showcasing a plane from the days of the US Air Force’s beginnings to one from the present day.

WOH Heritage Flight_thumb

Next up was an amazing demo of the C-17 Globemaster III Military Transport. Directly replacing the C-141 Starlifter, the C-17 combines the short field takeoff/landing capabilities of the prop-driven C-130 and the speed and much of the tonnage weight of the C-5.

In addition to the maneuverability shown, the short landing was amazing. As soon as the wheels touched down the engines went into full reverse, bringing the craft to what can only  be described as a ‘screeching’ halt.

It just stopped.

And then started backing up down the runway, for several 100 yards.

WOH C-17 1_thumb

Finally, finishing up the day, the big act was in the air, the USAF Thunderbirds.

WOH Thunderbirds 1_thumb

WOH Thunderbirds 2_thumb

WOH Thunderbirds 3_thumb

WOH Thunderbirds 4_thumb

WOH Thunderbirds 5_thumb

WOH Thunderbirds 6_thumb

WOH Thunderbirds 7_thumb

One thing about most of these photos is that it was a real “Point and Shoot’ session. I had planned to use my S21 Ultra phone, and I mostly did. Except for two problems.

About an hour into the flying my phone started giving me Overheating warnings and shutting off the camera. I suspect this was due to the fact that I was running the screen at full brightness and that I was using it out in the bright sun.

And anyway, even with full brightness, I still couldn’t really see what I was shooting at. The sun was just too bright. So while my S21 cooled off in Jan’s purse, I used her S5 for a while.

Of course, I still couldn’t see what I pointing at, so I was surprised when I got home and took a look at the results.

And after about 30 minutes of cooldown I was able to again use the S21, with no further problems since I did fool with using it at full brightness since it didn’t help anyway.

But overall I was really happy with the outcome.

Thought For The Day:

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