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Two For Two . . .

Work today was one those days that happen every now and then, when a bunch of things I’ve been working on, some for a week or more, all came together, So a lot of projects wrapped up, pretty much successfully.

A nice end to the week.

Well, Amazon is 2 for 2 delivering stuff here to the rig in just a few hours. I mentioned a few days ago about how I ordered something from Amazon about 11pm and was told it would be delivered between 4am and 8am the next morning, and at 5:56am it was delivered to our rig’s patio.

And this afternoon I ordered something about 12:30pm and was told it would be delivered between 5pmk and 10pm. And at 6:44pm it was on our patio.

Amazon Rig Delivery

When you’re losing, just move the goalposts.

On September 1st the CDC pretty much admitted that the vaccines aren’t as effective as they keep trying to tell us.

CDC Vaccine Definition

So the definition of a vaccine went from giving us ‘immunity’ to giving us ‘protection’. I guess this is what happens when your ‘fully-vaccinated’ populace keeps coming down with the virus they were vaccinated against. In some cases, three or four times.

Was he lying to us then, or lying to us now?

Back in 2019, before anyone heard of the WuFlu, Dr. Fauci dismissed wearing a mask to prevent infectious disease as a ‘paranoid’ tool.

Of course now he recommends double and even triple masking, wearing when you’re outdoors, and even after you’re fully-vaccinated.


Same Fear


Thought For The Day:

“I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self.” – Aristotle



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