First Time in Oregon…

We left Klamath River RV Park about 10 am heading for Oregon.

This was a really beautiful park and we wish we could have spent more time here.

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This is our first time to be in Oregon. The only other state out here we haven’t been in yet is Utah. But that’s coming up.

On today’s trip, we tried combating our continuing cat barf problem by not feeding the cats this morning before we left.

And believe me, they weren’t happy about this, and let us know it.

But it did seem to work. Mister tried to once, but didn’t have anything to throw up. Finally they were both so miserable they just curled up together on the sofa. This from two cats that really don’t like each other.

I guess misery DOES love company.

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Getting into Oregon, we started seeing acres of cranberry bogs. Always thought they grew in the northeast, not the northwest.

We arrived at the Midway RV Park in Coos Bay about 1:45 pm and got set up.

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Note the large pelican carving just to the right of our site.

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I think Jan, who collects pelicans, might be trying to figure out if this one will fit in the coach somehow. I don’t think so.

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A little later we headed out a seafood restaurant called Fisherman’s Grotto that the park manager had recommended to us. And it was great. Jan wants to go back tomorrow.

About 7 pm I fixed coffee and we had the pie we brought home from Marie Callender’s last night. Delicious as always.

Not sure yet what we’ll do tomorrow.

We’ll see…