Pelicans and One-Eyed Crabs…

We picked up Al and Adrienne about 9 am and headed out for breakfast at The Fogcutter restaurant down near the beach.

After breakfast we walked across the street to check out the Gray’s Harbor Light Station, the tallest lighthouse in the state of Washington. Very picturesque.

Grays Harbor Lighthouse

Next we walked down to the end of the road to check out the ocean. Certainly a lot calmer than yesterday.

Ocean 1

Ocean 2 

Then it was on to the marina area to look for pelicans and sea lions. And boy did we find them.

But this picture is just the beginning.

Pelicans 1

When we got to the marina itself, specifically pier 21, they were everywhere.

Marina 1

The whole end of the pier had about 300 pelicans all lined up.

Pelicans 2

And some sea lions too.

SeaLions 1

And more pelicans.

Pelicans 3

It looked  like a pelican convention.

Pelicans 4

Pelicans 5

And more sea lions. They kind of sound like dogs barking.

SeaLions 2

These guys look like they’re doing some serious thinking.

Pelicans 6

And this old guy is just catching some rays.

SeaLionBig 1

I think he knew we were talking about him. Note the one eye open now.

SeaLionBig 2 

I think this one’s kind of old too. He was the last one to fly away when we came down on the pier.

Pelican 7

They had some really nice boats here, like this trimaran.


But this one looks like something you’d take a “3 hour tour” on.


Next we drove over to Grayland to check out the clam beach.  Here’s Al, Adrienne and Jan walking out to the waterline.

BeachWalk 1

The sandpipers were running around too.


The surf was still pretty rough, Note all the sand still stirred up in the waves.

BeachWalk 2

This is a razor clam which is what everyone goes clamming here for. They’re called razor clams for a reason. The edge of the shells are razor sharp and it’s very easy to cut your hand just picking one up. Don’t ask Jan how she knows.


We didn’t realize how far we had walked until we looked around for the truck.

BeachWalk 3

On the other side of the main road from the beach there are cranberry bogs everywhere.


After getting back to the rig, about 2 pm we headed over to Aberdeen for the 3 pm showing of Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe. Although it changed the story up from the conventional telling, it was really good.

After getting back from the movie, we headed over to have dinner at The One-Eyed Crab again. And it was worth the 2nd trip. Just as good as last night.

We got home about 8:30 pm, just in time to watch the season finale of “Fringe”

More tomorrow…