Pig N Pancake…

We spent last night at Circle Creek RV Park just south of Seaside, OR.


It rained pretty much all day yesterday, but when we first got up this morning it was clear. But that didn’t last long.

Since we had a short 105 mile trip today, we decided to have breakfast in Seaside before we left, so about 9:15 am we headed over  to the Pig N Pancake.


Jan had the Blueberry Pancakes with Bacon, and I had the Banana Pancakes with Orange/Pineapple sauce, and both were really good.

After breakfast we drove down to the end of Broadway on the beachfront.  Seaside is a very popular tourist destination on the Oregon Coast and the town shows it.

Seaside 1

Even the streetlights reflect the Seaside theme.


Seaside’s other claim to fame is that it was the end of the trail for Lewis and Clark in 1805. They stayed for almost a year before heading back east.

LewisNClark 1

LewisNClark 2

We left Circle Creek RV Park about 11:30 and headed north on US 101, and of course by then it was pouring down rain again.

But lucky for us it stopped right before we got to American Sunset RV Park in Westport, WA about 3 pm.


We were glad to find our good friends, Al and Adrianne Cox parked right across from us. We first met them two years ago in Fairbanks, AK and then got to see them again this past February in Tucson. They are workamping here this summer and it’ll be good to spend a few days with them.


They came over as soon as we got parked and we talked for about two hours. We also watched a crow trying to steal suet out of one of their bird feeders. Hey, crows gotta eat too.

Crow Suet

They already had a park get-together scheduled for tonight so about 5:30 we went to down to the marina area to eat at The One-Eyed Crab, a recommended seafood place. Jan had the Wild Mexican Prawns and I had the Fish (Cod). The platters came with twice-baked potatoes which was also good.

After dinner we drove over to the seawall to watch the waves come over it. There is a storm off the coast which is causing all the rain and bringing a lot of really high winds with it. When I got out to take these pictures, I told Jan the winds were about 60-70 mph.

There was a TV camera crew there taping the storm, and when we watched them later on TV, they confirmed winds in excess of 60 mph. And on Mt Rainer, they recorded a wind gust of 118 mph.

Seawall 1 

Seawall 2

By the time we got back to the park, the rain had slacked off and left us this.


But the wind hasn’t let up. I didn’t even try to put out the Satellite dish. It would have been hopeless. But the park cable works pretty good, so we have some TV.

More tomorrow…