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Daily Archives: June 17, 2016

Way Too Early . . .

And AlreadyToo Hot!

I was up at 9am this morning, all eager to climb up on the roof.

Well, maybe not.

But it needed to be done before we travel this coming Sunday.

So, once I was up there, I pulled the shroud back off and poured a bottle of water into the drain pan for some additional flushing to help wash any extra gunk out. As it was, it still looked pretty clean.

Next I used my Worx Power Driver to put a few screws in the sheet metal covering over the evaporator coil to hold it together until I get back to it. Which at this rate might be this fall when it’s cooler.

Finally, I put 4 new bolts and washers back in the shroud to hold it in place and I was done. I had so much trouble getting the old ones out that I wanted to just start from scratch with new ones.

I think the Worx Power Driver is my all-time favorite tool. It’s small and fits perfectly in your hand.

Worx Driver

Inside the barrel is a 6 bit cylinder that rotates a different bit into position every time you rack the slide. And it comes with a 2nd cylinder of square and hex driver bits. And of course you can just put your own bits in manually.

I also ordered this assortment of Black & Decker Driver Drill Bits.

Driver Drill Bits

The Worx Driver is strong enough that it can be hard to hold if you’re using it on a stuck screw, and it holds a charge for months until you need it.

Check it out.

AVG Antivirus Professional 2015

About 3:45 Jan and I headed out to meet Judy and Dick Mott, and grandson Logan, at Vernon’s Katfish out on SR105. But on the way we made a Home Depot stop for a few minutes to pick up a new hose splitter and a couple of other things.

This was Dick and Judy’s first time at Vernon’s and they really enjoyed it. And as before, the food and the conversation were both really good.

Here’s a photo of the gang.

The Motts at Vernon's 3

There’s a story behind this photo that I’ll tell you about tomorrow.

Coming home we made a Wal-Mart stop to pick up some groceries, and drop off a prescription that we’ll pick up tomorrow. Judy told us about the Father’s Day BBQ dinner here at the park tomorrow evening, so Jan wanted to get the ingredients for her Heavenly Hash to take as our dish.


It’s really good and so popular that Jan and I both make a habit of getting a spoonful early, because it’s gone so quickly. Yumm!

Thought for the Day:

This is a scary looking Colt AR-15


This is a non-scary looking Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle.


It’s favored by ranch hands and cowboys to carry on their saddle or in their truck. Hence the name ‘Ranch Rifle’.


Here it is with a magazine inserted.

They both fire the same .223 cartridge, use the same multi-round magazines, and both fire one round per trigger pull (semi-automatic).

Yet people want to ban one and not the other?


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