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Daily Archives: June 18, 2016

Heads Up . . .

I mentioned yesterday about a story behind this photo that I took at Vernon’s Katfish last night.

The Motts at Vernon's 3

I actually took two photos. This one where Jan looks like she would rather be somewhere else entirely.

The Motts at Vernon's 1a

And this one where Judy looks like she’s just fed up with the whole thing.

The Motts at Vernon's 2a

So I carefully selected Judy’s head from the ‘smiling photo’ and moved it over to the other photo. You can see it in progress here.

Judy Switching Heads

Luckily I didn’t have to do any resizing or other manipulations to make it work.

So again, here’s the final product.

The Motts at Vernon's 3

Everybody’s smiling, even Dick.

About 3pm I drove into Conroe to pick up Jan’s prescriptions at Wal-Mart. According to the text message, they all should have been ready. But only two were.

And one of the two, Anastrozole, that Jan takes for her breast cancer had a 9X jump in price. When we last got it, at this same Wal-Mart pharmacy this past March, was $22.74. But this time it was $185.05.


When I ask why the increase, the young lady said that my discount card was no longer covering it. I said that my present discount card is GoodRx, so did GoodRx drop Anastrozole, or did Wal-Mart drop GoodRx? She looked kind of sheepish, and then said Wal-Mart dropped GoodRx.

Thinking a second, I told we should still have other discount cards on file and she said yes. So I ask her to try the other cards. And after a couple of minutes running through the cards, she said she found one that would get it for $53.51 for a three-month supply.

Not $22.74, but a lot better than $185!

I mentioned before about these pharmacy discount cards that you find in doctor’s offices everywhere.

Pharmacy Card

I’ve been amazed how much money these free cards have save me over the years.

Check it out.

A  little before 6 we drove over to the Activity Center to meet up with Judy and Dick Mott, and grandson Logan. I was a little worried about finding a parking space nearby, but we lucked up and didn’t have a problem.

When we go inside about 10 till, we found card games still going on, but people were already dropping off their dishes. We went ahead and staked out seats at a table, saving three for the Mott’s, et al.

The line started forming pretty quickly, so we queued up too.

Father's Day BBQ 1

Besides the BBQ, there were a lot of delicious dishes, veggies, salads, bread and dessert. Jan prepared a double batch of her Heavenly Hash, always a crowd pleaser.

In fact she’s learned to dish us out some ahead of time, before we leave the rig. Otherwise we often don’t get any if we’re not toward the front of the line. And as before, when Jan went to retrieve her bowl, it was completely empty.

Father's Day BBQ 2

Unfortunately, I didn’t have another Logan head with open eyes to swap out.

After we got our hugs, and said our goodbyes,  we called it a night.

Getting back to the rig a little before 8pm, I put away the hoses, both sewer and water, now that we have a working water pump. I also stowed the ladder and the outside chairs away in the truck, as well as everything else I could.


Tomorrow morning we’ll do our usual Cracker Barrel breakfast before we head for Columbus about 10am. I’ll also crank up the engine and raise the levelers before then so I can stow the pads away. So the more I have done before breakfast, the better.

Thought for the Day:

“I don’t know anything about music, In my line of work you don’t have to.” – Elvis Presley


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