Daily Archives: February 5, 2017

And Just in Time Too, Two . . .

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The heavy rain last night and this morning made the rig move yesterday very worthwhile.

When I checked this afternoon before I left for work, I found that the holes and ruts that I had been mired in yesterday were now filled with water.

So it looks like we got out while the ‘gettin’ was good.

We heard this evening that they expect the frack here to go another 10 days or so IF they have no problems. Yeah, right!

So that will work out just about perfect for us since our last work day will be the 14th and we leave for Colorado River on the 15th.

The hackers are back. At least in force once again.

I mentioned before I that I get regular attempts to hack into this blog by trying to log in as the administrator. There’s no credit card numbers, or anything like that to steal, so the only possible thing they could want would be to put an infected link of some sort on the blog. So that when a reader clicked on it, it might be able to infect their computer.

But so far they haven’t had any luck. I have a 20 character garbage password, i.e. lkn5TFub979fg&%$%$R, as well as one of those Captcha things where you have to enter the distorted letters and numbers.

Plus after two failed attempts, that IP address is locked out for 48 hours. But they keep on trying. And yesterday was the heaviest in a long time.

Normally I get 30 – 50 attempts a day. I know this because I get an email alert for each one. But yesterday morning between 1am and 2:30am I received almost 700 attempts, a new record.

Almost of the IP addresses come from Russia and Eastern Europe, with a few from Africa and Spain. Although the Africa and Spain ones could just be spoofed, and really from Russia as well.

The whole vehicle alarm thing continues to confound. After working fine since yesterday, tonight a little after 8pm, all 3 alarms just stopped working, both Mighty Mules and the Sitewatch one. Then about 11:30pm, they all 3 started working again, like you flipped a switch.

So now I’ve started designing my own system, at least on paper. It’ll be pretty mechanical with only the control box needing to be powered. So I’ll see how it goes.

Thought for the Day:

About 30,000 websites are hacked every day. I just wish they’d leave mine alone.