Daily Archives: February 25, 2017

Butter Smuggling . . .

Today was another ‘stay at home work through my checklist’ day. And I actually got a lot done for a change.

One thing I got done was to finally install the new wiper blades. I used the same Denso blades that came originally on the rig, but they no longer make blades that fit the mounting on our 1999 wiper arms. So there’s drilling, bending and filing required to make them work.

I’ve looked into replacing the pantograph arms, but any possible replacements seem to run in the $150/pair range, so I’ll keep drilling, bending and filing once a year until I find something cheaper.

I also purged the computer cables behind Jan’s chair and installed the new APC Uninterruptible Power Supply and got it wired up. I then zip-tied the cables and  neatened it all up.

Tomorrow it’s back down to Clear Lake for a big family get-together at the local Cheddar’s. We’ll leave about 9:15 for our 11:30 meetup. Really looking forward to see everyone together.

Regular Big Bang Theory fans will remember the episode where the gang was writing an app that would solve an equation just by taking a photo of it. Well, you can now have that app, or one like on your own phone. It’s called Photomath, and it’s passed every test I’ve given it.

Here’s the link for the Android version – Photomath

Check it out.

Want to try a butter that’s so good that people are willing to smuggle it just to get some?

Well,the butter is called KerryGold, a grass-fed butter that’s imported from Ireland. And if you live in Wisconsin you have to smuggle it into the state because it’s not allowed be sold there.

Wisconsin, known as The Dairy State, has always gone out of its way to protect its dairy industry, even to the point of banning margarine outright for many years. And when they did finally allow it in the state, they required it to be dyed in odd colors like white, or even pink.

And this mindset is causing KerryGold’s problem. Wisconsin’s dairy laws required that any imported butter under go a strict 32 point inspection process that takes weeks. And this is not just a one-time check, but is necessary for every single shipment that comes into the state.

And since KerryGold prides themselves in the freshness of their product, they refuse to sell it in Wisconsin. So Wisconsin KerryGold lovers regularly smuggle it back across the state lines to feed their butter addiction.

And you can buy it in the other 49 states with no problems, even at Wal-Mart. So we picked up a block of it on our last visit there. And its reputation is well deserved, and it leaves Land O Lakes in the dust. The rich, smooth, buttery taste really stands out, and makes it worth the slight extra cost.

Give it a try.

Thought for the Day:

“Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent.” ― Steve Martin