Daily Archives: February 28, 2017

Still Two or Three More . . .

Once again we were out the door at 8:30 (this is getting old) and on our way to our doctor appointments down in Friendswood.

These were with our general practitioner for our lab work and prescription refills, so we were both out within two hours with a clean bill of health. I even lost a little weight, though how the hell that happened, I’ll never know. We won’t know all our test results for a few days, but we don’t expect any problems.

Then it was over to Webster to have what might be our last King Food meal for this time here. And as usual we had our favorite Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce with jalapenos, and XXXXXXX Spicy.

King Food Chcken Garlic 3

Saving half our meal for later, I next dropped Jan off for her Bone Density test, while I made a quick trip to Home Depot for a couple things.

Then it was back on the road heading up to Katy and Brandi and Lowell’s. Brandi was coming home a little early so she and Jan could go and get Pedi’s – sans Mani’s. While they were gone I headed out to a nearby JiffyLube to get an oil/filter change for the truck.

But even though there were cars in the bays, apparently they don’t actually open until tomorrow. When I asked about the cars,  I was told they were ‘practice’ cars. But when I offered my truck for ‘practice’, they didn’t take me up on it for some reason. And I wouldn’t have even charged them.

So I’ll have to try again while we’re in Conroe. I’m also going to try and get the truck’s headliner replaced there too. It’s gradually coming loose, and there’s only so much that Gorilla Tape can do.

When Jan and Brandi were done getting their toes tickled, Lowell, Landon, and I met them at the nearby La Finca Mexican Restaurant for dinner. And then it was back to the rig by 8:30. And then tomorrow we move.

We’re going back to Lake Conroe for a week before coming back here for two days and then heading for Tucson.

Like my friend Nick Russell said today, one of these days I’m going to have to retire, buy a big RV, and get some rest.

And we’ve still got two or three more trips down to Clear Lake before we leave.

Thought for the Day:

“Siblings: children of the same parents, each of whom is perfectly normal until they get together.” ― Sam Levenson