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Old Friends and New Friends . . .

We left the rig yesterday morning about 8am, heading for our son Chris’ house down in Friendswood, so he could replace the AC condenser fan in our 2004 Dodge Dakota truck.

It died last year, enough that it shut down the AC system. So I rewired it so it would work, but I had to manually turn on the compressor with a switch. The only problem was that that engine would run hot when we were in slow traffic.

AC Condenser Fan

This electric fan goes between the radiator and the engine to provide extra cooling to pull heat off the AC condenser coil itself.

Dodge no longer carries this fan, so I was happy to be able find one made by a 3rd party on Amazon. And for a lot less money than the last one I bought. I had to replace this same find about 6 years ago, so I hope this one last longer.

It only took Chris about 90 minutes to replace the fan and then we were off to King Food with Chris for lunch. We’ve been jonsing for their Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce, XXXX hot, with jalapenos.

King Food Chcken Garlic 2

Really, really good.

Next up was a stop at the local O’Reilly’s Auto Parts to pick up the shocks we ordered for the truck a few days ago, Chris’ next job on Sunday.

Then it was haircuts for both of us (mine takes a lot less time than Jan’s), and a stop at Kroger’s to stock up on our favorite coffee.

Finally after killing some time, we headed down to Seabrook to have dinner at the new Tookie’s Seafood with our friends, Barbara & Tom Linklater. We’ve eaten at Tookie’s Hamburgers next door since 1978, but it’s our first time here. And it was really good.

Jan had the Crab Cake and a cup of the Lobster Bisque,

Tookies Crab Cake

while I had the Texas Shrimp and Grits with Tasso ham in the sauce.

Tookies Shrimp and Grits

That’s the grits in the shape of Texas.

We got here about 5pm when it was not very busy, but by 6 it was jammed packed. And after tasting the food, it was easy to see why. We’ll definitely go back.

After dinner we when over to Barbara and Tom’s house for a while so I could take care of a couple of computer problems they were having, and it also gave us more time to talk in a quieter atmosphere.

Barbara and Tome

Finally about 10pm we were on our way home to Columbus, arriving around midnight.

Another fun day.

* * * * * *

This morning, and the rest of the day, for that matter, turned out to be a do-nothing, rest up day. So, very nice.

Early in the afternoon I thought to check the shocks I had picked up to see if they were the correct ones. Turns out the front ones were correct, but not the rear set.

Well, they weren’t really wrong. The rear ones would have worked on the truck, but they were a different Monroe product than the front ones, and the counter guy said he would recommend using the same type front and rear. So they order the right ones and said they’d be in tomorrow about noon.

But then they called about 8pm this evening and said they had already come in. Great Service!

About 4 we headed out to meet our friends, Debi and Ed Hurlburt, for dinner at Los Cabos Mexican Restaurant over in Columbus. But on the way out I stopped off at the office to settle up. When we left here back in October we had money on account so I wanted to get that credited correctly.

And when we got there we found Ed and Debi there too. Along with Mike and April Mott, the son and daughter-in-law to our good friends, Dick and Judy Mott. Like old home week. So we all headed over to Las Cabos for dinner, with Mike, April, and sons Colby  and Ben joining us.

Los Cabos Group

A really fun group. And very well-behaved kids too.

Tomorrow it’s back on the road down to the Clear Lake area for the new shocks and a dinner get-together.

Thought for the Day: 

An ‘exocannibal’ eats only enemies, while an ‘indocannibal’ eats only friends.

OK, I have to ask. Which one tastes better?