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The Forest . . .

Our friend’s Charles and Chris Yust are passing through Houston on the way from their RV lot in Yuma to their RV lot in Florida, and they’re staying at the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails for a few days.

So we headed up there about 9am. It was our first trip back up there in over a  year, so it was interesting to see all the new things popping up, especially the new construction at the Lake Conroe park.

We got there a little after 10:30 and quickly found their site over in the ‘E’ ring, one of our favorite locations there too. We spent a couple of hours catching up before heading out to lunch at our local favorite El Bosque Mexican Restaurant.

Chris and Charles 2

We eaten here a lot of times, and we’ve never had a bad meal. And today was no exception.

Jan got her fav, El Presidente, with Six Grilled Jumbo Gulf Shrimp and their Pollo a La Parrilla, with Avocado, Tomatoes, and Charro Beans.

El Bosque El Presidente

Chris and I both had the Beef Fajita Poblanos, with Bacon-Grilled Onions, Poblano Peppers, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, and topped with White Cheese.

El Bosque Fajita Poblanos 2

One of my all-time favorite Mexican dishes. And both Jan and I had plenty leftovers to bring home.

Charles had the Cheese Enchiladas, but they looked kind of boring so I didn’t get a photo. But it must have been good since he cleaned his plate.

And as usual, we spent almost three hours at the restaurant, with a lot more talking. We were there so long that our waiter finally gave up coming  by to see if we needed anything else, and went to have his own lunch.

We got back to their rig for a while longer before saying our goodbyes and got  back on the road a little before 4pm, only to find we not only had the Houston going-home traffic to fight through downtown Houston, but also a steady drizzle that fogged over everything, not a pea soup fog, but more of cloudy chicken broth one.

But it slowed us down enough that our normal hour and half trip took us over two and half hours.

But it was still a lot of fun, and well worth the trip.

It looks like it’s going to warm up next week so I’m hoping that I’ll have a chance to get under the rig and follow up on my oil leak problem. But I’m going have to make a Harbor Freight run to pick up a couple of 12” – 1/2” extensions.

Filter Wrench

The Filter Wrench I have needs a 1/2” drive, and since the Fleetguard filter is almost 12” long and I’m even further down, I need a  longer reach to get the wrench up to the base of the filter.

Besides, Harbor Freight is always fun.

Thought for the Day: 

“The more corrupt the state, the more it legislates.” – Tacitus 100AD


This All You Get Tonight . . .

Pretty much all my work day was consumed with trying to get the website configured for our upcoming February sale.

Hopefully the ad banners and all the sale item’s prices will magically change over on the website at midnight on 1 February and then go away at midnight on 1 March.  I hope.

For some reason every time I try to post this blog, it’s gets truncated to only about 10 lines. So this is all you get tonight, I guess.