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It Was Educational, I Swear . . .

Today was another busy day at work, with a lot more price changes and updates that came in this week.

The aquarium pump came in, but I never even got a chance to take a look at it. Maybe Friday. Another thing that came in was a new UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) for the office webserver. It died last week, so I put in an order for a new one, but it got backordered and didn’t get here until yesterday.

But I wanted to be sure it was going to hold up, so I plugged it into my computer, and not the webserver, to let it cook for a couple of days before I put it online. I’d rather it shut down my computer than the website


APC UPS 1000VA Battery Backup & Surge Protector

This one should keep the webserver up for about 45 minutes.

Jan’s got her one-week checkup tomorrow afternoon for last Thursday’s right eye cataract surgery. And so far she’s really happy about it. In fact she’s really happy with both eyes now, and thinks she might be able to get by with just reader glasses.

But if she does need distance correction, it won’t be very much.

But first off tomorrow, we’re heading up to The Woodlands to meet up with some RV friends at the Longhorn Steakhouse there. But we’ve got a detour on the way by Miss Piper’s to give her Mazda Miata a jumpstart.

As part of my Duolingo studies I’ve been checking out some of the Spanish language programs on DirecTV, ones like Dificil de Creer (Hard To Believe), Jugar con Fuego (Play with Fire) and then there’s the Mexican Weather Channel.

Mexican Weather Girl

In case you’re wondering, the caption at the top says “5 Day Forecast”. It was educational, I swear.

Thought for the Day: 

“A man is not old until regrets take the place of dreams.” – John Barrymore


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