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Jan’s Hooked . . .

We both are.

After a nice, quiet morning, Jan and I headed out about 12:30, on our way up to Webster to have lunch/breakfast at The Egg and I. Breakfast is pretty much our favorite meal, so we regularly have breakfast for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

We both got our usual, with Jan’s Avocado Toast and a side of Dressed Greens, and my Eggs, Bacon, Fruit, and an English Muffin. And of course their great Hazelnut coffee.

Delicious as usual.

Then it was on to the nearby HEB for some more of the Lola Savannah Texas Pecan coffee, both regular and Vanilla Cinnamon.

HEB Lola Savannah Texas Pecan Coffee

It’s only sold as whole beans,  so I have to grind it there. You can see that it’s just full off pecan pieces. And it smells so good after it’s ground that even the checkout girl commented on it.

I mentioned the other day about my next step looking for the oil leak on our rig. I’m going to use a sprayer to clean all the oil off the area, and then drop the oil filter to get a closer look at the area. Then I’ll reinstall a new filter just in case there was a problem with the replacement.

I’ve been around electronics long enough (pretty much since I was 10) to have run into cases where the replacement part is just as broken as the original. But my first thought was, what are the odds that two different oil filters would have the exact same leaking problem.

But then I thought that RV Mobile Lube probably buys filters by the case, and a case of filters is probably all from the same manufacturer’s lot. And maybe all with the same problem.


Anyway, since I’m taking the filter down I might as well replace it with a new one . . . from Amazon. And I also ordered the recommended band wrench to take it off. You can’t get a strap wrench in there,

Filter Wrench

and the 3-pronged ones are known for crimping the filters.

The only problem now is when the weather will cooperate, being warm enough/dry enough to make it work.

Finishing up, besides being the love of my life, Jan has a couple of other nice attributes. She likes airplanes/airshows and she like science fiction. So now we’re both hooked on two new Sci-Fi shows – Project Blue Book and Roswell, New Mexico.

We’ve watched the first couple of episodes of both and they’re really good. Project Blue Book is a 10 episode limited series detailing Dr. J. Allen Hynek’s work on the Project for the Air Force, starting back in the early 50’s. He started out being a skeptic and evolved into a believer.

There are 3 episodes of Blue Book so far, and if you want to catch up you can stream them on History.com.

Roswell, New Mexico is a sequel to Roswell, a TV series that aired for 3 seasons starting in 1999. And Roswell was based on a series of books called Roswell High.

This new series picks up with the same characters 10 years after the original, but so far, you don’t seem to have had watched the original to know what’s going on.

Check’em out.

Thought for the Day: 

Good satire tends to be too close to the truth.


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