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Jan’s A Happy Camper . . .

We arrived at the Alvin office of Jan’s ophthalmologist about 7:15am for her 7:35 checkup on yesterday’s cataract surgery.

Only to find the parking lot empty and the office dark. Which was completely unlike her last visit the day after the surgery on her left eye, when the parking lot was more than half full and the place was bustling.

But at 7:30 people pulled into the parking lot and the lights came on.

The doctor checking her was someone we haven’t seen before, but we both really liked him. He said Jan was doing fine, and to come back in a week for another checkup. Then in a month, she’ll come back for her final visit and her new eyeglass prescription. At that point she should be done and done.

For her part Jan’s much happier with the short-term results on her right eye than her left one. She says that right off the bat she’s seeing much better with her right eye that she did after a week or so after her left one. The doctor said that this is not unusual at all.

Jan got a pair of readers a week or so, and so far, they’re working great for her, letting her read her Kindles, laptop, and the desktop.

Last Sunday I crawled under the rig to take another look at my oil leak problem. I had planned to use my Wyze camera on the end of a rod to get a look. But, like when I tried this same thing from under the bed, I just could get it into position.

But I could get my cellphone up in there and got this.

Rig Oil Leak Cell Phone Photo 1

That’s the oil filter on the right and the coolant filter on the left. The long hose on the right side is the slobber tube. The small metal tube in the center seems to be part of the coolant system.

Rig Oil Leak Cell Phone Photo 2

Rig Oil Leak Cell Phone Photo 3

What you can’t see in the photos is that everything right above this area is tan-colored and dry. So I guess my next move is to drop the filter myself and see what I can see. I wish I could come up with some sort of plug to cap off the filter location and then run the engine for a while to see what happens.

Just a reminder to any new readers. The filter;gasket has already been changed out without fixing the problem. But I’ll keep after it.

Most of you are probably aware of my friend Nick Russell’s latest entry in his Big Lake series, Big Lake Wedding.

Big Lake Wedding

But you may not know that he’s also released two new boxed sets, consisting of the first three books in the Big Lake saga,

Big Lake Box Set

and the first three in his newer Florida-based series, John Lee Quarrels.

John Lee Quarrels Box Set

They’re the perfect gifts to introduce someone to these two great series.

Check’em out.

Thought for the Day: 

Some people are so ungrateful. No one ever thanks me for having the patience not to make them disappear.


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