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No. 5 Is Alive . . .

I had several outside projects on tap for today, but the weather wasn’t very cooperative. It just barely got into the 50’s here, and the sun never even sent a beam in our direction.

So, catching up on 2019 so far . . .

Brandi, Lowell, and Landon came down from Katy on New Year’s Day to meet us at King Food for lunch. Landon brought along his latest creation, a Lego robot.

King Food Robot 1

King Food Robot 2

Brandi said a few hours before this was a bunch of small parts in a box. When Landon was done, he had a robot that he can program and control from his iPad. Cant’ wait to see what he comes up with next.

Brandi says she’s thinking about signing him up for a kid’s coding class called Code Ninjas. Sounds like it would be right up his alley.

On the 3rd of January Jan and I met the Conroe Bunch up in Spring at the Potatoe Patch restaurant there. Good food and great friends. Couldn’t get much better.

Potatoe Patch Group 468

Left: Debi Hurlburt, Sandy Mills, Judy Mott, Mike Mills and David Evans. Right: Janice Evans, Jan White, Logan Unterzuber, Ed Hurlburt, and Greg White.

A motley group if I ever saw one.

Dinner today was breakfast at Denny’s, followed by a WalMart excursion.

While we were doing the WalMart thing, I set Runkeeper to track our distance to compare the mileage accuracy with Jan’s new Fitbit. Runkeeper, a Android phone app, uses GPS to very accurately track your mileage.

When we got back to the truck, I showed a distance of .43 miles, while Jan’s Fitbit showed 0.47 miles, a different of 0.04 of a mile. Not bad at all.

After Jan’s initial panic last month after her left eye cataract removal, her vision settled down just as the Dr. said it would, so Jan scheduled her right eye operation for this coming Thursday morning, with a quick checkup Friday morning.

For my part, after using the steroid drops on my left eye for the last month, I’m going back to get my problem checked out to see if I have Fuch’s Dystrophy or not.

I guess we’ll see.

Thought for the Day: 

When you absolutely have to be at your favorite fishing spot before anyone else.

900 HP Boat

And 900hp should do the trick. That’s 3 300hp V8 engines. WOW!


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