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On the COVID-19 front, experts have no clue why no one under the age of 15 have been infected. Shades of The Andromeda Strain.

They’re still counting, and recounting, and re-recounting in Iowa. And they’re running even more scared in the Nevada Caucus. A quote, ‘a total meltdown expected’.

For our recent road trip back to Alabama, I used trivago (yes, it’s supposed to be lowercase) to book the four hotels that we stayed in. My requirements were, as cheap as possible (of course), good ratings, and nice-looking photos. And I also wanted name-brand places, not independents.

On our way up to Alabama we stayed at a very nice La Quinta in Slidell for only $50 a night. Comfortable queen-size bed, nice hot shower, and really good free breakfast. Even the free Wi-Fi was decent.

Slidell La Quinta

We’ve stayed at La Quinta a couple of times before, most recently with our rig’s Air Compressor problems in Luling this past November, and we’ve always been very happy.

Next up was a three night stay in Montgomery, this time at a long-term residence hotel, an Extended Stay America. And except for some initial fumbles with the keycards, it was also a very nice room, with a queen-sized bed and a computer/dining table. Though we didn’t’ use it, we also had a 4 burner stove, a microwave which we did use, as well as an apartment-sized fridge.

Extended Stay Room 1

The only downsides were a spotty Wi-Fi signal and a ‘Coffee Bar’ free breakfast.

Extended Stay Coffee Bar

But that just gave us a good excuse to have breakfast at the Golden Corral right down the street.

While we were in Athens, our final destination, we had a six night stay at the local Day’s Inn.

Day's Inn Athens Room

This time we got a comfortable king-sized bed, a nice computer table, a good hot shower, and big fluffy towels.

And the breakfast was very nice too.

Coming back home on Saturday, I had planned to stay once again at the same La Quinta. But when I went to book it I found that their weekend rates jumped $30 a night to $84.

So I found a very nice Super 8 right down the road for only $50 a night.

Super 8 Slidell Room

Again a king-sized bed, a large computer table, and a good breakfast.

I did notice that all the cheapest rates I found on trivago were through Expedia. Which made sense when I discovered that trivago, a German corporation, is majority-owned by Expedia.

All in all, a very nice, and cheap, trip.

Thought For The Day:

Politics is the continuation of war by other means. – Clausewitz


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