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On the COVID-19 front, experts have no clue why no one under the age of 15 have been infected. Shades of The Andromeda Strain.

They’re still counting, and recounting, and re-recounting in Iowa. And they’re running even more scared in the Nevada Caucus. A quote, ‘a total meltdown expected’.

For our recent road trip back to Alabama, I used trivago (yes, it’s supposed to be lowercase) to book the four hotels that we stayed in. My requirements were, as cheap as possible (of course), good ratings, and nice-looking photos. And I also wanted name-brand places, not independents.

On our way up to Alabama we stayed at a very nice La Quinta in Slidell for only $50 a night. Comfortable queen-size bed, nice hot shower, and really good free breakfast. Even the free Wi-Fi was decent.

Slidell La Quinta

We’ve stayed at La Quinta a couple of times before, most recently with our rig’s Air Compressor problems in Luling this past November, and we’ve always been very happy.

Next up was a three night stay in Montgomery, this time at a long-term residence hotel, an Extended Stay America. And except for some initial fumbles with the keycards, it was also a very nice room, with a queen-sized bed and a computer/dining table. Though we didn’t’ use it, we also had a 4 burner stove, a microwave which we did use, as well as an apartment-sized fridge.

Extended Stay Room 1

The only downsides were a spotty Wi-Fi signal and a ‘Coffee Bar’ free breakfast.

Extended Stay Coffee Bar

But that just gave us a good excuse to have breakfast at the Golden Corral right down the street.

While we were in Athens, our final destination, we had a six night stay at the local Day’s Inn.

Day's Inn Athens Room

This time we got a comfortable king-sized bed, a nice computer table, a good hot shower, and big fluffy towels.

And the breakfast was very nice too.

Coming back home on Saturday, I had planned to stay once again at the same La Quinta. But when I went to book it I found that their weekend rates jumped $30 a night to $84.

So I found a very nice Super 8 right down the road for only $50 a night.

Super 8 Slidell Room

Again a king-sized bed, a large computer table, and a good breakfast.

I did notice that all the cheapest rates I found on trivago were through Expedia. Which made sense when I discovered that trivago, a German corporation, is majority-owned by Expedia.

All in all, a very nice, and cheap, trip.

Thought For The Day:

Politics is the continuation of war by other means. – Clausewitz



2 Responses to Updates and More . . .

  1. Paul Stough says:

    I see that the canvass of the Iowa caucus has been completed with no change in delegates for any candidate.  Unless people take the time to understand exactly how a caucus works versus a primary they dont understand how complicated it is.  Also, anyone who says there is “voting” at a caucus doesnt understand how the caucus system works.  The only voting is on selecting a permanent chair and secretary and any additional rules they want to use regarding how the caucus is run that dont conflict with Party rules.

    There is no “voting” for candidates, there is only joining preference groups, and the number of people in each group is recorded.  Then there is a second alignment if needed.  It is possible to have a total number of people in a candidates preference group statewide, but get less delegates.

    The whole process was more complicated this year in an attempt to placate Bernie supporters who constantly complained about being cheated in 2016.

    In my opinion the caucus process to too complicated for this day and age where most everyone, including the press, wants instant answers, therefore I would like to see Iowa go to a Primary, even though it would result in a loss of millions of dollars spent in the State, and a loss of thousands of dollars to both Democrat and Republican Parties.

    Although, reporting caucus results this year was a fiasco for the Democrats, let’s not forget that in 2012 that the Republicans changed the winner of the Iowa Caucus two weeks after the caucus was over.


  2. Linda Sand says:

    Hmmm. Our local Extended Stay America didn’t offer even the coffee bar last time we were there. I wonder if that changed? Or if I just didn’t notice since we don’t drink coffee? We did live there for a month, though, as a new house was not finished before we had to move out of the previous one.

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