I’ve Got A Code . . .

In My Node.

I started getting a slight sore throat late Friday night which was still there Saturday, along with a mild stuffy nose. This worsen a little Sunday morning, but came into its own by Monday morning.

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My sore throat came back with a vengeance and my head felt like an over-swollen balloon, ready to pop at any moment. So it didn’t take me long to decide that I was not going in today. Don’t want to pass it on to Dr. Heimlich and Jennifer.

I’m assuming I got this cold from WalMart, since no one else I know has a cold. I was walking down the aisle and passed close by a grocery cart holding a small boy. A small boy who immediately sneezed all over me, a ‘wet’ sneeze as it were.

And since he was Asian, I thinking Corona Virus is also a possibility also.

It hasn’t gotten any worse today, but it hasn’t gotten any better either. So we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Thought For The Day:

The most dangerous animal in the world is a smiling woman, sitting in silence.



4 Responses to I’ve Got A Code . . .

  1. Carol Burt says:

    You should see a doctor! If it’s flu they have a med that knocks it out if you get in time.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    Nick has a cold but I think you’re past your exposure to him time. Unless you’ve been doing some time traveling and not telling us.

  3. Lois says:

    Next time that happens try Airborne, it really works. I work in a school and the flu has been spreading like crazy and I have been using it.

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