Not The Way I Wanted To Remember Her . . .

After breakfast at the motel this morning we were on our way home a little after 8:30, via an overnight stay in Slidell about half way.

But our first stop was at the Golden Rule BBQ in Birmingham once again. In fact we timed our motel departure so we would get there right at 10:30am when they opened.

Once again we both got the Jumbo Sliced Pork Sandwich, mine Outside Cut, and splitting a order of Fries.

Golden Rule BBQ Outside Cut

This so we wouldn’t be as full as when we were here the other day, wanting to have room for their delicious home-made pie. Jan got her usual Double Chocolate,

Golden Rule BBQ Double Chocolate Pie

while I got the Lemon Icebox version.

Golden Rule BBQ Lemon Cream Pie 1

Our tummies full of great BBQ, 45 minutes later we were back on I-20/I-59 heading for Slidell about 320 miles away. Or ‘Slidle’ as the British lady on our GPS pronounces it.

We made a gas stop at Hattiesburg, paying $1.99/gallon, a nice improvement over the $2.21 we paid in Athens.

Since we’d had a big lunch, getting into Slidell we decided to just grab a sandwich at a Chick Fil A right near our hotel before getting to our room.

And once again we lucked out. We had a very nice King-Size room, made even nicer because it was only $62 a night.

Super 8 Slidell Room

And with a nice computer table as a plus.

There was no blog this past Wednesday due to the storms, high winds and power outages in the Athens area. This on top of the four days of rain that they’d already had.

So a lot of big trees came down, including this 100 year old oak tree on the Limestone County Courthouse lawn.

Limestone County Court House Tree 2

When it came down about 6:30 Wednesday night, it actually trapped five cars in its extended branches. Though no one was injured, three people had to be cut out of one of the cars when they were trapped inside.

Limestone County Court House Tree

I mentioned in past blogs that I had three girlfriends over the years when I lived here. And a few years ago when we were visiting here, I mentioned to Jan that I was kind of looking around wondering if I would run into any of them.

But then I realized that I was looking for them like they looked when they were 16 or so. Not in their 60’s as they would be now. And I told Jan that I had resisted looking any of them up, even Sam (Samantha) the future duchess I knew in South America, on FB or elsewhere because I didn’t want to find out something bad had happened to them.

Well, as it happened, one of my relatives, who remembered who I had dated back then, told me that one of them had died last March at the age of 68, apparently of cancer.

As I said, not the way I wanted to remember her.

Thought for the Day:

You’re either at the table or on the menu. – Al Capone



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  1. Jay says:

    We are going to be staying in Athens overnight (road trip time).   What BBQ restaurant would you recommend for a Friday night?

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