On The Mend . . . Kind Of

I struggled into work today, mainly because I needed to get the final mailing list into the mailing company to get it in to them by 3pm today, otherwise I would have stayed home again.

I was making good progress and was right on schedule when I realized that the 3pm time was Atlanta time, where the mailing company is located. So 3pm was really 2pm my time.


But I managed to get it done and uploaded at 1:56pm, just under the wire.

Here’s what the final ad card looks like.

March 2020 Ad Card Final

I seem to be on the downside of my cold, with only a stuffy head and a glitch in my side when I cough. But luckily the coughing has tapered off from constant to occasional, with only my sore stomach muscles to remind me.

I never really had any fever or the achiness of the flu, so just a bad cold.

So far Jan has had any signs of coming down with it, so I guess you just have to be sneezed on by an Asian kid.

Thought For The Day:

Swearing: Because sometimes “Gosh darn” and “Meanie head” just doesn’t cover it.



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