Sonny’s BBQ . . .

After a light breakfast at our Slidell, LA La Quinta this morning, we were on our way toward Montgomery AL by about 8:45. We only had about a 280 mile run but we had a mini breakfast and left a little early because we wanted to stop off outside of Mobile to have lunch at Sonny’s BBQ, one of our long-time favorites.

And by ‘long-time’ I’m talking 53 years or so. Sonny’s, along with Fat Boy’s, were two of our favorite places down in the Titusville/Cocoa Beach area when Jan and I first started dating 1967. Fat Boys’ mostly faded away with only few left scattered around Florida, but Sonny’s is still going strong. So a lot of good memories.

And really good BBQ.

The last time we were here was about 3 years ago, but we still knew our favorites, with Jan getting her 2 Meat plate with their BBQ Beans and Fries.

Sonny's BBQ 2 Meat Plate

While I always get the Pork 3 Ways, this time with Beans and Beans.

Sonny's BBQ Pork 3 Ways

We had thought we might have enough BBQ left over to have for dinner at the hotel tonight, but somehow it didn’t work out that way. LOL.

We got into our hotel, an Extended Stay America, in Montgomery about 3:45 where things didn’t get off to a great start. First I had to wait about 10 minutes for someone to show up at the front desk because they ‘were out on the property helping another guest’. But finally someone showed up and we got checked in for our 3 night stay here.

But when I got around to the side entrance, my key cards didn’t work. So it was back to the office for more cards. This time we got in the building and then tried to get into Rm #209. The door did unlock, but the safety latch was on the door. The room was dark, so it took me a few seconds to realize that someone might actually be in the room. Then the door opened and there stood a sleepy looking black guy.

So it was back to the office to get a new, hopefully unoccupied, room. And we ended up with #210, right across the hall from our first one. And of course, our new key cards didn’t work in our new door locks. So it was back to the office for new ones.

Which did finally work. Yah!

Our beautiful daughter Brandi checked from her 2020 Leadership Conference out in San Diego. That’s her in the middle.

Brandi at Conference in San Diego

Have you ever noticed that these conferences are never in places like Detroit, or Newark, or Omaha? No, they’re always in places like Miami, San Diego, or even Honolulu.

Why is that?

Thought For The Day:

I’m not the type of person you should put on speakerphone. Just ask Nick!



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  1. Rob says:

    That was a lot of motel problems just to get in! I hope you used up all the problems…

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