TAKLing The Shed . . .

About 4pm Jan and I headed out for dinner at Los Ramirez Mexican Restaurant, one of our local go-to place for good food, Mexican or otherwise.

Then it was off to the nearby Home Depot to check out the Arrow storage building we’re interested in.

Arrow Newburgh 2a

We had put it on the back burner before our somewhat ill-fated Kingsland trip in November, our NYC Christmas trip in December, and our recent Alabama trip.

But I want to get it back on track before I take the rig into Cummins or wherever, to get my oil leak repaired.

I wanted to check out the packaging and weight to see how easy/hard it’s going to be to get it back to our site and unloaded.

But I was also wanted to see if they had anyone available to assemble it for us. I’ve done one of these before, in fact a larger one, but the assembly really needs two people, but one can do it. But Jan says I really don’t have time to do it by myself. And she’s right.

As usual.

But they only had people available to put together their own Tuff-Shed brand of buildings. So I guess I could try the TAKL app to see what pops up.

Then after quick HEB and Post Office stops we were back home for the night.

I’m still slogging through getting all my GB’s of data moved over to my new computer, 128GB’s at a time. But my main problem is with getting my Windows Live Mail emails moved over, in this case, to Mozilla Thunderbird.

I don’t like the new Win10 Mail program, and I’m not going the Outlook or Office 365 route. Plus Thunderbird is what we used at work, so I’m familiar with it.

Normally moving the data is not a problem. Just Export everything from Live Mail and Import it into Thunderbird. But since Live Mail will no longer run, so I’ll have to move the data over manually, but I’m not exactly sure what I’ll have to do to get it into Thunderbird.

But Ill figure it out.

Thought For The Day:

Solutions to problems are usually not complicated, they’re just not easy. – Ronald Reagan



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