We’re All Good . . .

Jan and I got our test results back from our doctor yesterday, and things look pretty good, for both of us.

Our A1C levels were in the mid-5’s, very good. HDL was high, LDL was low, also for both of us. The only small glitch was with the Levothyroxine that Jan takes because she doesn’t have a thyroid anymore.

Our doctor always give us our prescriptions when we leave the office, but we’ve learned to wait until our tests come back before we fill them. A couple of times in the past, the doctor had prescribed something fairly expensive, only for her to change it up after our tests come back, leaving us with medicine we can’t use and can’t return.

But this time she just wanted to adjust the amount of Levothyroxine that she takes each day, so no problem.

I’ve noticed that Amazon seems to be doing a good job catching up on shipping. Twice in the last couple of weeks I ordered things for work that were scheduled for 4 or 5 days out, but ended up coming earlier, in one case, only two days.

A couple of days ago while I was unpacking our Rubbermaid shed, Jan was sitting out in the shade ‘supervising’. But she quickly discovered she was getting bit by fleas in the grass.

So I got a sprayer of Black Flag Flea & Tick Spray to take care of the problem.

Black Flag Flea Spray

And yesterday afternoon I took a few minutes to hose down all the grass and rocks surrounding our site. It only used up about half the bottle, so I’ll do it again in a couple of weeks.

Regular readers know that Jan’s and my favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh. In fact we’ve seen his paintings in Paris, London, New York, and Houston. And our favorite painting of his is definitely ‘Starry Night’

Starry Night

Of course this is the ‘animated’ version.

And here we have our personal ‘Starry Night’ collection.

Starry Night Stuff

That’s a Samsung Tab 4 case, an Amazon Fire cover, a checkbook cover, a set of luggage tags, and a tote bag.

So now, Jan, who normally hates spiders, has one she kind of likes.

Starry Night Peacock Spider

This is a Maratus constellatus, an Australian Peacock Spider, one of a number of Peacock Spiders.

And here’s some more examples.


Though these are very colorful, they’re also very small, ranging from 0.005 inches to 0.33 inches.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cloudy, and in the mid-70’s. perfect to get some more work done on our shed project. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the roof in place, and maybe a little more.


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Congrats you guys…just be careful not to get your A1C TOO low…goodness!!  By the way, we are both on Thryoid…both have Hashimoto’s thyroid disease we learned a few years ago.  We have both had to switch over to Armour thyroid however.  It is not perfect…according to my doc here, the doses you get can vary by the pill as it is made from pig…but you know what?  Sure beats the synthetic all to pieces.  His hair and beard quit falling out…looked like rain…would fall while he sat there and I looked at him…no lie.  And I feel pretty ok in that department…as to the thyroid.  So I encourage you to try the Armour!!

    As to masks, which it sounds like will soon be mandatory, there is free patterns and great instructions on Joann’s:

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