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They’re There!

Today was a lunch/errand day, starting out with the delicious Blackened Catfish and Shrimp once again at our local Dickinson Seafood.

We get extra Veggies instead of the Dirty Rice,

Dickinson Seafood Catfish 20201020

and along with a nice salad, it’s a great deal for only $8.59 on the Lunch Menu.

Then it was on up to the Clear Lake WalMart and Sam’s for a few things before getting home about 5pm.

They’re There!

When I checked the South Dakota Voter Information Portal about 1pm today, I found that they had received and logged in my Absentee Ballot today, the 29th. So since I had only been checking my ballot each day, I thought I’d double-check that Jan’s had also arrived safely, figuring that they were mailed together so they probably arrived together.

But No.

As it turns out for some reason Jan’s ballot arrived this past Monday, the 26th. Why hers got there before mine, I don’t know. But at least they’re both there now.

So I guess we can say “We Voted!” now.

Jan’s really enjoying her birthday present, courtesy of Amazon’s recent Prime Day’s. I got her a Fire HD 10 Tablet.

Fire HD 10 Tablet

It’s got 32 GB with a 1080p screen, and was marked down from $150 to $80 for the sale.

I also got her this cover for it.

Fire HD 10 Tablet Cover

Setup was really quick and easy since it came already registered to us, so it automagically downloaded all Jan’s favorite programs, and even our preferred WiFi logins.

And I also got a 128 GB microSD card to for to hold all the programs and files.

It’s her new favorite. I think I did good.



Almost Done in Elkhart, IN

October 29, 2009

Turkey & Dressing, and Duesenbergs

Today started with Turkey & Dressing at the nearby Cracker Barrel.  Jan loves their Turkey & Dressing. She says the dressing is almost as good as hers.  Almost!  So Thursday is very often Cracker Barrel.

After lunch we drove back over to the Verizon store to get the correct belt holster for my new Storm 2.  The one they gave me was for the Storm, and the Storm 2 is slightly smaller so it wouldn’t stay in the holster. A quick swap-out cured the problem.

I also found out they had the problem fixed with transferring my contact list from my old phone to my new one. But since I didn’t bring my old phone with me, I’ll have to come back later.

Getting back to the rig, I pulled out my air hose and gauge to air up one of the coach tires.  When I had the new shocks put on a couple of days ago, I also had them bring my tires up to the correct level. But they did not screw the air pressure sensor back on the valve stem all the way so the tire starting leaking down on the way back to the park.

Our coach has a built-in air compressor that operate the air brakes and the air bag suspension system.  There is also a connector that lets me tap into the system and, by starting the engine, I can air up my tires.

Coming back in, I found Jan napping so I decided to head back down to Verizon to get my contact list transferred to my new phone.  Then coming home I stopped off and got gas in the toad.

Tomorrow we take a road trip about 130 miles south to Decatur, IN to see where our coach ‘Beauty’ was born.  The American Coach factory is there and they give tours. Then coming home we’ll stop off in Auburn, IN to visit the Auburn – Cord – Duesenberg museum.

We’ll see…

Thought For The Day:

Being intelligent is not a felony. But most societies evaluate it as at least a misdemeanor. – Robert A. Heinlein



October 29, 2011

Three States . . .

It went down to 30 here last night so I stayed in a warm bed until about 10:30. We really like our heated mattress pad and it makes all the difference on these cold nights.

And the hot coffee this morning just topped it all off.

After a nice quiet morning, we headed out about 1 pm to make the 40 mile drive into Cincinnati for the afternoon.

Jungle Jim 1

It’s really hard to describe this place. It’s a restaurant, an convention center, a Starbuck’s, a Cici’s Pizza, a high end clothing store, a Chipotle Grill, a bank, a pub, a pet store, and a credit union. it even has a monorail.

But most of all, it’s 6 acres of grocery store, with 1 acre for just fresh produce.

Jungle Jim 3

This place probably has every grocery item you’ve ever heard, and a lot you’ve never heard of.

Jungle Jim 2

Thirty six different types of olives, 140 different types of honey, 1,600 different types of cheeses from all over the world, over 12,000 different wines, and 1,200 different beers.

Their meat department carries fresh ostrich, kangaroo, rattlesnake, elk, venison, game hens, wild boar, pheasant, and bison. WOW!

And, of course, foods that are organic, non-dairy, earth-friendly, vegetarian, vegan, allergy-free, gluten-free, anti-oxidant, low-carb, sugar-free, fat-free, wheat-free . . . etc., though probably not all at the same time.

Jungle Jim 4

And while many seafood shops have live Maine lobsters, how many carry live fish? Jungle Jim’s carries over a dozen different species, including Blue Gill, Tilapia, Largemouth Bass,

Jungle Jim 5

and Catfish.

Jungle Jim 6

Regular readers here know how much I like really, really hot foods. As I say, if my nose is not running and the top of my head isn’t sweating, then it’s not really hot enough.

I’ve even twice eaten HOT! wings made with Ghost Chiles, also known as the Naga Jolokia, until recently the hottest pepper in the world.


You can read about it here at the Cypress Creek Café in Wimberley, TX.

The hottest chili in the world is now acknowledged to be the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T chili.


But Jungle Jim’s is the first place I’ve found that actually sells them to the public. Besides the fresh ones, they have a salsa made with the Nagas which I bought some of, and a small package of dried Nagas, which I also bought.

Dried Ghost Chiles

The package says to wear eye protection and latex gloves before handling or preparing them.

Not sure what I’m going to use them for, but I’ll find some to put them in.

We spent almost two hours at Jungle Jim’s and still didn’t see everything, so hopefully we’ll be able to go back again sometime.

One strange thing happen after we parked at the Jungle Jim’s. Getting out and closing my door, I heard a metallic ‘clunk’. Thinking I had left the seatbelt buckle in the door, I turned around and noticed that I had left my window down, But I didn’t remember putting it down. Opening the door and trying to raise the window, I could hear the motor running but the window was not coming up.

I realized what happened was that when I closed the door, the window had come loose from its mechanism and fallen down inside the door.

Not wanting to ride home with the window down, I came up with a fix. I keep a small roll of Gorilla Tape in the truck console,

Gorilla Tape3

so using the pliers on the Swiss Army tool

Swiss Army Tool

my daughter gave me for Father’s Day years ago, I was able to pull the window up out of the door, and then use the Gorilla Tape to hold it in place, and then seal it up, ending up with this.

Truck Window

Gorilla Tape is perfect for this because it’s much stronger than duck tape, and twice as sticky. Even better is that the glue stays on the tape when you pull it off, and doesn’t mess up the paint job.

When I get home I’ll dig out my manual and see what it’s going to take to get the door panel off and see what happened. I suspect the window glass may have fallen out of its track. We’ll see.

Since my temporary fix seems to be holding, I may just wait until we get back to Texas in 3 weeks or so.

By now it was after 4 pm so we decided to head south to a Texas Roadhouse for dinner. My Ribeye was good, but not quite as good as the one I had in Elkhart last week. The taste was great but the texture was a little mealy.

After dinner we headed on south to the closest Wal-Mart for a few things. Coming home our route took us down through Kentucky for a few miles. Thus we had traveled through three states today, Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Thought for the Day:

“The older I get, the more convinced I am that God tailors most of our lifespans right to the breaking point of how long each of us can put up with all the idiots we’re surrounded by before we decide we just have to pick up a gun and start randomly shooting morons.”

“The way things are going, if I had a 150 year lifespan I’m pretty sure I’d be on death row by 70 or so.” – Unknown



Finishing Up in Savannah

October 29, 2012

Almost Done Here . . .

Today was declared an official Goof-Off Day,

About 2:30pm we headed back into Savannah for some errands, a little shopping, and dinner. So after a Post Office stop, we headed over to Oglethorpe Mall to the Barnes & Noble. We love wandering through bookstores, even if we don’t buy much.

Oglethorpe Mall is kind of ‘old home’ to us since we used to come here in 1970 when we lived in Beaufort, SC. It was brand-new then, and, unlike a lot of old malls, it still looks good.

Then, after B&N we headed across the parking to eat dinner at Golden Corral.

Finally on our way home we made a quick pass by some of the many old homes before heading back to Hardeeville.

Tomorrow, depending on the weather and if the winds aren’t too bad we’ll leave for north Alabama on Wednesday.

We’ll see.

Thought for the Day:

Between 1950 and 2009 the number of K-12 school students increased by almost 100%. At the same time the number of teachers increased by over 250%.

But school staff and administrators increased by over 700%.

Anyone else see the problem here?



Gate Guarding in South Texas

October 29, 2013

Boom or Bust?

or maybe our boom busted?

Well, our big gate traffic increase due to another round of ‘coiled tubing’ never materialized. In fact we had 7 less vehicles today (Tuesday) than we did on Monday.

But the fact that about 5pm a bunch of guys came in with a Wireline rig might mean they’ve got even more problems than I first thought. Wireline is a cable dropped into the well, and used for a number of different things, but none of them usually good at this point in a well’s life cycle. Normally it is used used to lower equipment or measurement devices into the well to check on conditions and look for problems.

So we’re still waiting to here what the problem is.

Yesterday a van full of pipeline workers came thru the gate and an one of the guys made a comment about Mister, who was asleep on the table beside Jan. Now normally we don’t log them in or out so they never have to stop, but this time they slowed down and one of them said “A cat that size would make a good batch of cat gumbo”. Jan, of course, wasn’t too happy about this and I guess it showed on her face. Later in the afternoon when I was on the gate, the now-empty van came back by and the driver said that he thought they’d made Jan mad.


Jan had told me what they said, so I looked down at Mister who was still asleep on the table and said,”He may look fat and slow, but he’s really just big and fast. And his favorite thing is to chase dogs three times his size, so if anyone’s bleeding into the gumbo, it probably won’t be him.”

“And as far as making my wife mad, you don’t wanna to do that. If you do, she’s gonna be stopping y’all every time you come through the gate, and she’s gonna wanna to get everyone’s name, and she’s gonna wanna see everyone’s photo ID. It might take you 10 or 15 minutes to get cleared through every time.” Now since these vans come through here 10 or more times a day, and since they’ve usually got as many as 15 workers on board, this could put a real crimp in their work schedule.

The guy kinda gulped and said, “I’ll pass it on”.

I’m expecting the candy and flowers to start arriving any time now.

I’ve made another addition to the menus at the top of the page. I now have a tab with basic information about gate guarding, how we got started and what you can expect.

I’ve also added a new item to my “What Were They Thinking?” file. Why didn’t I ever have teachers like this in college?

In addition I’ve added a couple of more recipes to Jan’s Favorites. The first one is another ‘gate’ recipe, I.e. simple, quick, and delicious. It’s Habanero Chile Cheese Mac. You won’t believe how good this is.

The second one is her famous Sausage Balls. We often get together with a big group of friends for Thanksgiving and the first thing everyone wants to know is if Jan is bringing her Sausage Balls.


Thought for the Day:

Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard. – H. L. Mencken



October 29, 2014

Always the last to know . . .

We bumped up to almost 10 pages or 240 vehicles today, mostly due, I think, to a new workover rig that came into a pad that we didn’t know existed here. At least it’s labeled wrong on the info that our oil company gave us.

When we moved to this new gate, we were told that the pad we’re parked on was 1H and 2H, which means there are two wells here. The pad right down the road, where they’re getting ready to frack, is 3H, 4H, and 5H, I.e. 3 wells there.

But today I found out that 1H is not here, but about 1/2 mile on down the road, all by itself. And they’re moving another workover rig in there.

Thanks for telling us. We’re always the last to know, Which is sad because the guys coming in here are asking us for directions.

Of course some of these drivers are their own worst enemies. I had one truck come in this afternoon looking for a drill rig that wasn’t here. So I ask to see his directions. And they were pretty specific.

“Turn right at the intersection on US190 and go 4 miles. Then turn right on Junction Lane. The rig will be on your right.”

So I told him where he turned in is only 2 miles from the intersection. Then I ask him if he noticed what our road is named.

He said, “Simpson”.

So then I asked why he went 2 miles and turned on Simpson, when his directions said to go 4 miles and turn on Junction.

He said, “Cause I saw another truck turn in here.”

Whoever said men won’t ask for directions was only half-right. In many cases they won’t follow them either.

I think my venerable Cradlepoint CTR-500 router is slowly giving up the ghost. I mean it’s only 6 years old, so what gives. Anyway, the problem seems to be with the Wi-Fi part of it. It’s apparently gotten flakey.

I’m still using a USB 3G modem that looks like a large pack of gum. And the reason I’m still using it is that I’m grandfathered for unlimited data, and I don’t want to lose that by upgrading to a 4G one. And I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about numerous problems with the new ones.

At first I was afraid that my modem was dying and I’d be forced to upgrade, but it works fine plugged directly into my laptop. And with the modem plugged into the router, my desktop works fine directly connected with an Ethernet cable. And I know the Wi-Fi on the laptop and the desktop are OK, because they have no problems using my Galaxy 5S as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

But anytime I try to use the Wi-Fi from the router, my signal comes and goes, so I’ll now I’ll have to look into getting a new one, I guess. I’ll let you know what I find.

Or maybe I’ll just bang on it.

Finally, it looks like we’ve got some pretty cold weather coming through in the next few days.

Cold Temps

I’m really looking forward to that 39° one.

(you did get the sarcasm there, right?)


Thought for the Day:

Been There. Done That. Never Got A T-Shirt.



October 29, 2015

A Tale of Two Laces . . .

Or A Day Too Far.

Well, we did have a few more vehicles in today than yesterday. 59 today vs. 56 yesterday. Still not bad, not bad at all. I was outside at 5:15am this morning, thinking the workers would start coming in about the same time as yesterday, but apparently they slept in today because no one showed up until almost 6:45.

We had hoped that today would be a repeat of yesterday, with everyone leaving about 5:15, so we could make one last try at dinner in town. But apparently we went a day too far, as we still had 10 vehicles on site at 5:30, and the last guy in about 4:30pm said, “See you tomorrow morning”, as he drove in.


The weather’s been just about perfect the last few days, with temps in the high 70’s / low 80’s in the day time, and mid to high 50’s at night, But we are scheduled for more thunderstorms on Saturday, of course, just as things finally dry out around here.

Our landowner came through today, mildly complaining about the fact that all the work crews were still around on both sites, and would be for a while now. He was originally hoping that they all would be gone by next Saturday, the 7th, the start of deer hunting season in this area.

He has a lot of deer feeders and game cameras out, and charges people to hunt on his land. So he’s going to have to cut back on the hunting areas so someone doesn’t bag his limit in Flowback workers. Or gate guards, for that matter.

Back the end of September, when Jan and I had our afternoon Anniversary getaway to Shreveport, I tracked down a Cavender’s to buy some better boot laces, because the cheap Wal-Mart ones I’ve been buying only last a couple of months.

I normally wear boots, the short boots, or engineer boots, all the time for the ankle support. Both ankles have gotten pretty banged up over the years, mostly due to a few problems encountered when jumping out of perfectly good airplanes a long time ago. So if I try to do much walking in something like Crocs, or other sandals, I’m hobbling pretty quickly.

So I figured a place that sells a lot of boots should also sell the best quality, longest lasting boot laces. And when I asked at the store, I was shown these Ariat brand ones, the ones on the right.

Two Laces

At $6.50 a pair I would expect them to last at least six and a half times longer than the Wal-Mart $1.00 ones on the left. So I bought two pair, secure in the knowledge that I was now set in the boot lace department for the rest of the year, and almost certainly beyond.


That’s how long the first pair lasted.

I had just put a new pair of the Wal-Mart ones on my boots right before I bought the new laces, and being as cheap as I am, I waited to put the new ones on until after the old ones broke. I mean, why throw away a perfectly good pair of laces, right?

So early last week the old ones snapped and it was finally time to installed my new long-wearing, maybe even lifetime, shoe laces.


I mean these are quality laces, solid leather,

Two Laces - India

and made in . . . India?




They supposedly worship cows, but they’ll chop ‘em up and make poor-quality, third-world shoe laces out or them? What would Raj say about this?

And now I just figured out that for the $13 I paid for these ‘laces’, I could have bought two years of cheap laces from Wal-Mart.

Just damn!


Thought for the Day:

If leather shrinks when it gets wet, why don’t cows shrink when it rains.



Gate Guarding in Kenedy, TX

October 29, 2016

GateWorthy . . . Again

After a nice quiet morning Jan and I headed out for a late lunch and some shopping.

But our first stop was the real estate office to see if our absentee ballots from South Dakota had come in. But it looks like the office closes on Saturdays, or at least no one was there, so I’ll check back on Monday. I also need to check with the bank to see if VISA check cards have come in on our new DBA account.

One of the things we were shopping for was a new toaster oven. Our 4 year Farberware model had stopped working, or at least the broiler element on top had.

Farberware Toaster Oven

So a new one was in order.

We had decided to try Bella Sera, a well-recommended local Italian place, but first we drove on up to the Wal-Mart to pick up a new toaster oven. I had found this one in stock online for only $40 and it’s a convection oven too. And even better, it’s all manual.

B & D TO3000G Toaster Oven

The last two ovens before the one that died today both had the digital electronic controls and neither one lasted much more than a year due to them going completely dead. So we’ll see how long this one lasts. Hopefully another 4 years.

Finally we were back at Bella Sera, just about a quarter mile back down the road from Wal-Mart.

After looking over the menu and getting a recommendation from our waitress, Jan went with the Chicken Florentine, with spinach, mushrooms, and garlic in a creamy white wine sauce over spaghetti.

Bella Sera Chicken Florentine

I chose the Bella Sera Chicken with fresh basil, garlic, sun dried tomatoes, olives and capers, in a fresh lemon sauce over spaghetti.

Bella Sera Bella Sera Chicken

Our entrees came with Chicken Soup or Tossed Salad, so I checked out the Chicken Soup while Jan went with the Tossed Salad with homemade Bleu Cheese dressing.

Bella Sera Chicken Soup

The soup was really good, with lots of chicken and perfectly seasoned. After tasting mine, Jan says she may get the soup next time. And there will be a next time.

Right before our entrees were served, I checked my phone and saw a text message from Todd at SiteWatch. It had come through about an hour before, while we were still at the rig and for some reason I didn’t hear it.

It said, “FYI, the shelter is out of water, so be sure and take what you need with you tonight.” Thinking maybe he had just texted the wrong person, I texted back, “Does this concern us?”

About 5 minutes later, Todd texted back, “Oh crap. Sorry. I meant to tell you yesterday you’re on a gate tonight starting at 5pm. Can you work tonight?

It was now 3:15pm.

So I texted back, “Yep!  Where? Just me or Jan too?”

Turns out it was just me (to Jan’s glee) and the location was only a few mile away from our last week’s gate, and actually only about 5 miles from our very first Marathon gate back in 2012. Looks like it will be for at least 3 nights and maybe more. And still only about 15 minutes from the rig. So nice.

So we quickly ask for ToGo boxes and the check, and headed home. Didn’t even unload the new toaster oven. Just changed clothes, packed my stuff and headed back out.

Brandi took Landon down to Clear Lake this morning so that his Uncle Chris could make a Halloween costume for him. Landon wanted to be a robot, and Chris certainly did him up right.

Of course with any project, the first thing you have to do is to take measurements.

Landon - It's Alive 2 Measuring

Landon and his Aunt Piper are hard at work too. Every project needs supervisors overseeing things, right?

Landon - It's Alive Piper and Landon

Things are starting to take shape.

Landon - It's Alive 2 Rough Cut

Almost there.

Landon - It's Alive

And now the finished project.

Landon - It's Alive 2

Great Job, Chris!

Thought for the Day:

“Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company.” – Mark Twain



October 29, 2017

The End Of An Era . . .

After moving Thursday, working Friday, and doing the Texas Renaissance Festival yesterday, it was really nice to sleep in this morning.

I spent the morning and early afternoon checking out and setting up some of our new toys that came in over the last few days. First up was my new LaCrosse Weather Station that came in Friday.

LaCrosse Weather Station

I set up the color display and the outside temp/humidity sensor Friday night and got it synced up with my WiFi. For some reason I had trouble getting it connected using my phone. It would see the MifFi signal but wouldn’t connect to it. However when I used my Galaxy Tab 4, it connected immediately.

La Crosse Display

You don’t need the WiFi connection, but using it lets the display automagically sync with the NIST Atomic Clock Signal so the time display is always correct. And when you give it your zip code location, it displays the National Weather Service forecast for your area in a graphical format. And with the LaCrosse View app on your phone you can monitor the weather conditions inside and out at your home location.

Later in the afternoon I went outside to install the windspeed sensor and the rain gauge. I mounted the anemometer on the pole I used to mount my Wilson Cellphone Booster on.

Petticoat Junction Site

You can see it here mounted to the ladder on the rear of the rig.

.The only kind of disappointment is the rain gauge that comes with the set.

La Crosse Rain Gauge

There is no way to mount it on anything. You can only just set it out on the ground or some other flat surface and hope it doesn’t blow off or walk off. It’s supposed to rain this coming Wednesday so we’ll see how that works.

Next up was a Bluetooth Keyboard I ordered for my Galaxy Tab 4 tablet.

I  sometimes find that I need to type in a lot of text on the Tab and the onscreen keyboard just doesn’t cut it, so I found this one on Amazon.

Galaxy Tab 4 Keyboard

Bluetooth Keyboard

It was only $14 so I thought I’d give it a try, I had a little trouble getting it to connect to the Tab, but it connected to my Galaxy S8+ phone with no problems. But with a little experimenting, I found that if I unpaired the two other devices on my Tab, it connected with no problems. Then I was able to re-pair the two devices with no problems.

Of course I had the same two devices paired on my phone and it worked with no problems right off the bat. So who knows. But it works now.

Then it was time to try out Jan’s new Instant Pot.

Instant Pot

Instant Pot 8 Qt., 6 in 1, Pressure Cooker.

Before you cook anything in it you’re supposed to put 3 cups of water in the cooking pot and then run it for two minutes on the Steam setting to be sure it’s working OK. And since it passed the test I think Jan’s got a meal in mind for Tuesday or Wednesday.

She was worried about the size of the Instant Pot, thinking it might not be as big enough to hold a full batch of her Chili or Chicken Tortilla Soup. But when I checked, her Hamilton Beach Slow Cooker is only 5 Qt., so the 8 Qt. Instant Pot will be just fine.

The Word of the Day is:  Kobold

Thought for the Day:

“The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.”



October 29, 2018

Pool Salt and Good Friends . . .

I spent most of today at work trying to get a handle on the whole USPS shipping rate thing.

I’ve been working to get all the applicable rate charts on USPS webpage into a format (.csv, .xls) that computers can read. In some cases it’s just a matter of rote copy and paste into a spreadsheet.

Boring and time-consuming, but necessary.

When I left the rig this morning Jan was getting ready to cook up about 5# of Ground Chuck, saving out part of it to make a big batch of her world-famous chili, and the rest to vacuum-seal and freeze for later.

Jan's Hamburger for Chili

But after I got to work, I call her and told her to put it off so we could go out to eat tonight. Going in to work, I noticed that the new Slim Chickens had started their ‘soft’ opening today and thought we’d check them out.

Slim Chickens

We’d first eaten at a Slim Chicken’s last year up in Katy with Brandi, Lowell, and Landon, and really liked it. So we were looking to this new one in our area opening.

Slim’s is kind of like a Raising Cane’s with Chicken Tenders, and sides. What sets them apart is Slim’s wide range of sides. Where Cane’s only had the basic Fries and Cole Slaw, Slim’s had Side Salads, Mac N Cheese, Potato Salad, Homemade Potato Chips, Fried Pickles, Fried Okra (my favorite) and Jan’s favorite, their Fried Mushrooms.

And along with full size salads, they also have Chicken and Waffles!

We both got Side Salads as our sides, along with an order of Fried Okra and Fried Mushrooms.

Slim Chickens Chicken

Really good, and luckily for us, really close. We’ll be back soon.

Following up on yesterday’s pool party up at Brandi’s, one thing nice about their pool is that it’s a saltwater pool. It’s much easier on your skin with little or no pruney puckering.

You don’t have to add chlorine because the pool makes its own chlorine. Using a salt cell, or salt generator, it electrolyzes the salt water, generating hypochlorous acid (HClO) and sodium hypochlorite (NaClO), furnishing the small amount of sanitizing agents need for the pool.

What’s also nice is the extra flotation that the salt water gives, which makes lounging in the pool even more enjoyable.

Tomorrow we’re making a trip back north to one of our old home bases, the Thousand Trails park at Lake Conroe. We’re meeting up with long-time friend’s, Ed and Debi Hurlburt, and Wil and Cyndy Olsen at our favorite El Bosque Mexican Restaurant.

Can’t wait to catch up with old friends.

Thought for the Day:

Bobby Leach, the second person to survive going over Niagara Falls in 1911 died after slipping on a orange peel.



October 29, 2019

50 Years Ago Today . . .

This is where it happened.

Rm 3420 Internet

And this is what it was done with.

ITT Teletype

And this what it was.

Birthplace of the Internet

As the plaque says, this was the birthplace of the Internet. Not the Web, but the underlying Internet. The Web,which runs on the Internet, didn’t come along until the 1992-93 timeframe. Until this date, all computers were independent of each other and didn’t communicate amongst themselves.

You can read all about it here.

Birth of the Internet

The whole Internet idea came about from the military wanting a secure communications system between military installations, one that couldn’t be easily knocked out, you know, by an Russian H-Bomb taking out Chicago, or something.

With a ‘net’ configuration like this,

Net Graphic

the idea was that if one ‘node’, or city, if you will, is taken out, the data will automatically be routed along a different path to the destination. But this re-routing can also happen without losing a city, and happens routinely today.

Your data, whether it’s an email, a photo, or website text, is made up of packets of bytes, anywhere from 1000 to 1500 bytes. And these packets may be split up along the way, in many cases not arriving in the order that it was sent out. But the system on the receiving end knows how to reassemble them into the correct order.


I was using the Internet email system from the mid-80’s, and was on the Web in early 1993. And it ‘s been a wild ride every since.

And Al Gore’s name isn’t mentioned anywhere

Thought For The Day:

Winning an argument is not always a victory. Especially if your wife is involved.




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