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At It Again . . .

Since, after my test yesterday afternoon where I screwed my old adapter into the filter with no problem, I’m sure that the filter threads are OK. So tomorrow I’m going to drain the oil from the filter and take it back under the rig to try it again to see if I can figure out what’s wrong.

At least since it will weigh a lot less, I’ll be able to fool with it longer. But we’ll see.



October 19, 2009

A Job Complete…

I wanted to spend the day finally getting the bathroom faucet changed out so we ate a lunch of leftovers.

It took all afternoon and two trips to Lowe’s, but I finally got the old one off.

And, ironically, the Lowe’s trips didn’t help.

It just took a lot of brute force, i.e., a screwdriver and a big, honking hammer.

It turns out all I had to do was just beat the crap out of it.

Finally getting the old one out, I got the new one in and working in only about 10 minutes.

Here’s  the result.


The old one was a two handle model that couldn’t be repaired when it started dripping. This one can be fixed.

About 6 pm we headed out for dinner at Ryan’s, dropping off a bag of garbage at the dumpster on the way out of the park.

We got back home a little after 7, ready to enjoy our new faucet.

Thought For The Day:

Apparently, free speech is only allowed until someone else doesn’t like it.



Still In Elkhart

October 19, 2011

Man the Lifeboats . . .

We seem to be on day 3 of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain. I expect Ark building to commence momentarily.

It’s the Lord, Noah!


For a real laugh, check out Bill Cosby’s take on Noah and the Ark.

After coffee, and later lunch, I headed back over to the RV/MH Hall of Fame. I think I’m finally on the downhill run on this, and hope to finish Friday, or Saturday at the latest, unless I run into something else unexpected.

Getting home about 5pm I found our daughter Brandi had sent us this new Landon picture. Wonder if he’s also wearing the cowboy boots we bought him?

Landon in Cowboy Hat

By the time I finished it was almost 8, so we wanted to eat close by. And our choice was King Wha and their great Chinese food. And they were really on their game tonight with a great meal.

Getting back to the rig, the pond surrounding our rig is getting bigger and deeper. If this keeps up we’ll have to break out our waders.


Thought for the Day:

“Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.” – Otto Von Bismarck


Gate Guarding

October 19, 2014

Good Stuff . . .

Our vehicle count seems to have settled down for now, with today’s count of 181 pretty much the same as yesterdays. We’ve been told that our last remaining frack still has a few more days to go. But we’ll see. Everything always seems to take longer than planned out here in the oil patch.

For the first time since we’ve been at this gate I heard coyotes (the 4 legged furry kind) about 5am this morning. I used to hear them every morning at last year’s gate. They sounded like they were right across the road, and probably were. But I never saw one.

We talked to our son Chris today about his bike trip out west. He and his fireman buddies went all the way out to Monument Valley in Utah. His best description of the trip was “Cold”. Cold on the bike, cold in the tent.

Chris on Bike Trip

Chris on Bike Trip2

Chris on Bike Trip3

I finally remembered to ask one of the computer support guys for the password to the rig’s Wi-Fi network. My Verizon data signal here is sometimes iffy, so hopefully this will help.

For dinner tonight we had more delicious food from Ama’s catering. Frack Food, as we call it. This time it was really good Beef and Cheese Enchilada’s with Rice and Beans. And one more thing that made it even better.

This past spring when we were orbiting back and forth between the Lake Conroe Thousand Trails and the Colorado River Thousand Trails, we met up with Greg and Lynette McHenry. And somewhere along the line Greg McHenry gave us a jar of his homemade hot sauce. Well, as can happen, the jar was put in the refrigerator and slowly worked its way to the back, while we were dealing with all of Jan’s breast cancer stuff.

But recently Jan was trying to clear room in the frig for all the Ama’s we’re getting and came across the jar of hot sauce. So we’ve been using on all the Mexican dishes we’ve been getting, including tonight’s enchiladas, as well as the fajitas a couple of nights ago.

And this is some Good Stuff. Really good, as in ‘Greg should bottle and sell this stuff’ good. We’re really sorry we didn’t find this earlier. Of course we would have already run out by now.

So, never mind.


Thought for the Day:

Never underestimate the power of ignorant people in large groups.



Gate Guarding

October 19, 2015

Lights and Sheets . . .

Another quiet day, even apparently for the frack up the road. The water guys weren’t around, the frack pond pumps weren’t running, and the big blue hose was flat.

Since they just started fracking last Monday, I doubt they’re finished up, but probably just switching over to the second hole. Neither of these wells are as deep as any of our three were, so they might possibly be finished up next week.

Other than that, we had some tankers coming in hauling out water, and some other trucks hauling out some other stuff.

Later in the afternoon, I started filling our water tank from the well hose. I tried hooking up the hose directly to the rig, but with only about 20psi, it didn’t work out very well. So every week or so I just fill up our 500 gallon tank. Of course with the low pressure it takes two to three hours to top it off.

I’ve noticed a number of y’all still buying the Striped QUEEN Sateen Sheet Sets we mentioned a while back. We came across these a year or so ago and bought two sets.

Milani Burgandy Sheet Set2

They’re still very soft, with no pilling or wearing, and they still look great. They come in 9 different colors, and even better, they’re inexpensive (cheap). Only about $25 per set.

Several readers had asked me about how I liked the new Camco Bright White Light LED Bulb that I got for our shower after the old one burned out and blew a fuse.


After a little over a month it’s still working great. One thing I’ve noticed about this one is that there’s been no fade. Many LED lights, especially cheaper ones, tend to dim noticeably during the first few months. But I measured the output of this one when I first installed it, and then again a couple of days ago, and found no discernable difference. The same goes for the LED Strip Lights that I use as fluorescent bulb replacements.

And speaking of the LED strips, I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was going to use these strips to replace the 4ft fluorescent tubes in our kitchen when they died.

And of course, today they did die. At least one of them did, and they won’t work with just one bulb. So I dug into my storage bin and discovered I only had five strips.

I decided to do just a quick and dirty hookup until I could get some more strips. I had planned to use four on each side,  but five would have to do for now.

After cutting the 12v wires going into the ballast, I wired up the strips using wire nuts. Like I said, quick and dirty.

Ceiling LED Lights 1

I then used clear packing tape to fasten them to the diffuser panel. And when it was all closed up, it looked like this.

Ceiling LED Lights 2

Based on the light output, the five strips shown here are brighter than the tubes they replaced. So I’ll just add one more strip when I get some more in. Although the point source effect of the lights doesn’t bother Jan or I, when I get the new one, I’ll stick them to the top of the fixture using the furnished adhesive tape, which should diffuse the light even more.

I didn’t get to my laptop repair today because I couldn’t find one of my two soldering irons. I did find both of my soldering guns, but they’re too big for this fine work. I guess they must both be out in one of the bays, so that’s where I’ll look tomorrow.


Thought for the Day:

Dumbest question, “Where did you lose it?”

On Our Way South To Gate Guard

October 19, 2016

Gas Buddy Lies . . .

Today being a travel day, Jan was up about 7:30 while I slept in until 8:30. Since I always get my shower at night, this gives Jan time to get her shower and then get dressed.

While Jan got the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Biscuits ready, I started the coffee and then went outside to stow some more things away.

It had been foggy earlier and the dew was on everything, including this spider web covered in dew drops.

RV Spider Web

RV Spider Web2

Pretty neat!

We were hooked up and on our way a little after 11. Friend and Park Ranger Barbara Spade even got a picture of us hitching up before we headed out.

Heading for Kenedy

Our first stop was at the halfway point, which turned out to the Buc-ee’s near Luling for kolache’s for lunch, and Cranberry Nut Muffins for breakfast tomorrow. Oh, and also a large Coffee / Cinnamon Bus / English Toffee Cappuccino for me and a small Coffee / Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino for Jan.

Then a  few miles past Luling, we turned south on SR 80 for the last 60 or so miles. I was actually going a few miles out of the way to make a diesel stop at the Stripes Truck Stop coming into Karnes City, rather than cutting directly over to Kenedy.

The trip down SR 80 was smooth and scenic . . . until we got to the last 20 miles or so. Which consisted of two 10 mile long one lane sections. We had to wait for a pilot truck to lead us through each 10 mile stretch, but that wasn’t the real problem.

That was the fact that that had the pavement completely torn up for repaving, and we were just driving on dirt and gravel. And because they were watering the dirt and gravel to keep the dust down, we arrived at the Lone Star RV Park #2 covered in a hard coating of brown mud.

Kenedy Mud 1

Kenedy Mud 2

Kenedy Mud 3

I wanted to top off our tank before we parked for several months, and Gas Buddy said that Stripes had diesel for $1.96 a gallon, noticeably less than the $2.08 – $2.09 at the nearby stations.

I checked Gas Buddy again this morning and it was still $1.96 this morning as well.  But when we got there about 1:30, it was now $2.08, but I was there so I filled up.

But to further rub my nose in it, when we actually got in Kenedy, the HEB had diesel for $1.94, and Gas Buddy didn’t even list it at all.

Some Buddy!

After we got parked, I called Nancy Christian, the park owner, to let her know we were here and what site we were in. Then a couple of hours later she showed up at the rig to ‘officially’ welcome us and give us a folder with all the park info.

She said to see how things are going to work out and then we’ll settle up. According to the info packet, the rate is $500 per month which includes electric, Wi-Fi, DirecTV cable with HBO, and a free laundromat.

Not bad at all.

After supper I emailed Todd to let him know we were here and ready to go. He said we’ll get together tomorrow for an hour or so at the local McDonald’s to go over things.

So hopefully we’ll be up and running soon.

Thought for the Day:

“I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe. Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger.

I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing.

Make them intelligent, and they will be vigilant; give them the means of detecting the wrong, and they will apply the remedy.” ― Daniel Webster


At The Lake Conroe Thousand Trails

October 19, 2017

It’s not the cars, it’s the oysters!

A while back, I mentioned UpTimeRobot, a free service that let’s you monitor up to 50 websites, checking every 5 minutes to see if your website or blog is up or down, sending you an email for any change.

If you need to monitor more sites (more than 50?), want UpTimeRobot to check every minute instead of every 5, or want to receive text messages as well as emails, it’s only about $5 a month.

Any way, about 1pm I got two UpTimeRobot alerts saying that both my Clear Lake client’s websites had gone down, so I was immediately on the phone. Turns out that the phone guy was there, and had unplugged the wrong wire, taking the Internet down. And now he was scrambling to get everything back up.

But apparently he did, since while I was on the phone, I got emails telling me everything was now up and running again.

A great service, and it’s free.

While I’m mentioning good deals, I thought  I’d pass along this email I received from La Crosse Technology, a well-known maker of weather monitoring and atomic clocks.

They’ve just announced a line of WiFi-enabled weather stations and are introducing them with large discounts.

For example:

LaCrosse V22


A great deal at only $50 and the one I ordered.

And if you don’t want something quite as fancy, check out this one.

LaCrosse V10


Only $25. Both this one and the one above are WiFi-enabled and connect with the National Weather Service to give the latest forecast in your area.

Or for just a plain-jane inside/outside temperature and humidity display, try this one.

LaCrosse S85


At only $19.95, this one doesn’t connect to the Internet, but still show inside/outside temperature and humidity, atomic clock time and date.

Just click on the link(s) and enter the related Promo Code to get your discount.

And just to be clear, I don’t make anything from either UpTimeRobot or La Crosse. Just passing on a good deal.

I mentioned the other day how we were thinking about moving down to the Clear Lake area to cut down on my 450 miles per week drives down there. And as I had thought, it’s going to be hard to get a space. I’ve still got a number of places to check, but so far it’s not looking good. The one place that has responded put me on a list behind 15 other RV’s. But I’ll keep checking.

It’s not the cars, it’s the oysters!

According to a recent article in Scientific Reports, oyster farts are a major cause of global warming, producing “one-tenth of methane and nitrous oxide gases in the Baltic Sea as a result of digestion. Therefore, researchers have warned that shellfish “may play an important but overlooked role in regulating greenhouse gas production”.

“Shellfish flatulence is not the first bodily function to be blamed for having an impact on the climate. EU lawmakers in 2015 decided to exempt enteric methane, mostly found in the burps of ruminant animals like cows, from caps on methane and ammonia.”

It is nice to see someone acknowledge that methane is 20 times more potent and nitrous oxide is 300 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas.

So eat more oysters, and beef too, just to be safe.

The Word of the Day is:  Efficacious

Thought for the Day:

“Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi.” – What’s legal for the gods is not legal for mere cattle.



Coming Home From Florida

October 19, 2018

Got The Last One . . .

Wanting to get a really early start, we were up at 6:00 and pulling out of our site at the Seasons In The Sun RV Park in Mims, FL at 7:30am

Sunrise was 7:27am.

We circled through the propane fill-up area to hitch up and were pulling out on the main road a few minutes before 8. We were on our way so early for two reasons.

One, with all the hurricane cleanup workers in the area, it was dicey as to whether or not we would be able to get a site at the Beaver Lake RV Park in Quincy. They don’t do reservations and it was first come, first served.

Two, if we didn’t get a site here, it would be another 130 miles to a park in Holt, FL.

We hit a few rain squalls between Mims and Jacksonville, but nothing for very long. An then it was clear and sunny west from Jax. And with temps in the low 80’s, it was really comfortable, even cool enough to turn off the dash fans for a while.

We were about 40 miles out of west of Jacksonville before we started seeing any hurricane damage, but it was mostly downed trees out at the tree line, none of which looked like they would have ended up on the roadway.

I called the Beaver Lake RV Park (with not a lake nor a beaver to be seen) when we were about 20 miles out and was told that they had one site left, but it was still first come . . .  well, you know.

We pulled into the park and I ran into the Marathon station to see if the site was still open. I did notice that there was a work truck parked at the entrance to the RV park area, but didn’t see anyone around it.

When I got inside I got the last site, paid the fee, and also bought Mega-Million tickets for tonight $1 Billion drawing. Coming back out, a 5th wheel pulled past our rig and up behind the work truck.

Turns out that the work truck and the 5th wheel were together and apparently didn’t know that they were supposed to check in at the Marathon station, and instead, were wandering around the RV park beside the station looking to check in.

So we really lucked out.

For dinner tonight we had the Sonny’s BBQ that we picked up yesterday morning just for this meal.

Tomorrow we have a short 188 mile run to Robertsdale, AL. Riverside RV Park is right off I-10 with an easy in-easy out. It really didn’t make sense to make the 40 mile round trip down to the Escapees Park since we’re only staying one night.

I told Jan that there was only one thing that could have made this visit better. She asked, “What?”

I said, “Two more weeks.”

Then she said, “Yeah, but it still wouldn’t have been enough.”

And that’s the truth!

Now for the Recap:

Wednesday,Oct 17

There was a Atlas-Centaur launch from the Cape about 12:15am. So checking I found the launch streaming online, and a soon as I heard ‘Ignition’, I went outside and scanned the trees, not knowing what I would see. But then rising through the tree limbs, I saw this.

Atlas Launch 1

Atlas Launch 2

Atlas Launch 3

It was a couple of minutes before I heard the deep rumble, more like distant thunder echoing on for several minutes.

Nice but not nearly impressive as the Shuttle launch we saw when we were here in 2009.

Shuttle Launch 2009 -1

Shuttle Launch 2009 -2

With that one you actually felt the physical ‘push’ when the sound hit you a few seconds later.

For dinner that night we made a second visit to the SeaShack up in New Smyrna Beach. Just as good as the first time.

Later, coming back to the rig we decided to check out Frisbee’s Ice Cream Stand. In the daytime it looks like this.

Frisbee's Ice Cream

But it’s even more impressive at night.

Frisbee's Ice Cream Night

Frisbee's Ice Cream Night 2

Jan got a delicious Pumpkin Parfait, with Caramel and Pecans,

Frisbee's Pumpkin Parfait

while I got the Coffee. Both really good.

BTW the name of the place, “Frisbee’s’ is not named for the flying disc, but it’s the name of the family that owns and runs the place.

A neat place.

Thursday, Oct 18

First up this morning we drove into Titusville to pick up a to-go order from Sonny’s BBQ to have Friday night after we’re back on the road.

Later we headed up to the Daytona Beach area. Jan and I were up here several times when we were dating, but except for the Speedway, there was nothing really recognizable to us.

Our first stop was at Hankster’s Hot Rods, a classic hot rod / muscle car showroom / museum.

Hankster's 1

Hankster's 2

Hankster's 3

Hankster's 5

Hankster's 6

Now that’s a engine – A 426 cu.in. 425hp Hemi.

Pretty much all the cars here are for sale, with prices ranging up to $70,000. So if you’ve got the bucks, that Hemi ‘Cuda you were drooling over when you were 16, could be yours.

I mean, the Mega-Million’s is up to $1 Billion tonight.

Thought for the Day:

Power is more often surrendered than seized.

Family Time in Houston

October 19, 2019

Up In Katy Landon/Dogsitting Most of the Day

while Brandi, Lowell, and Lowell’s sister and parents all went to a family wedding.

Brandi Family Wedding Group

L to R. That’s Lowell’s sister Sherry, Lowell’s father, Lowell’s mother, Brandi, and Lowell.

Later in the afternoon Landon, Jan, and I all headed up Mason Rd for a few things at the HEB and then supper at Chick-fil-A.

Landon At HEB

Tried to get Jan to stick her head in the scarecrow, but she wasn’t having any part of it.

So since we didn’t get home until almost 10pm, this is all you’re gettng for today.

See you back here tomorrow.

Thought For The Day:

Never laugh at your spouse’s choices. You are one of them.

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