Last Shift . . .

Tonight is my last shift for this time down here in south Texas. As it stands right now, we’ll probably be back down in this area again in late August/early September for another round of gate guarding.

But we’ve already decide it will be guard shacks only from now on. It pays twice as much, and it’s much more comfortable.

Jan and I are going out for one last meal at La Bella Tavola tomorrow, with a side trip to Wal-Mart to look at a new phone, and maybe a new plan, for Jan.

Right now she has a LG Revere flip phone from around 2011 that’s showing its age. So I would like to get her something a little more modern. But pretty much everything else is considered a ‘smartphone’ by Verizon and automagically bumps our bill up $30 a month, no matter how little she uses it.

Jan only makes or gets maybe 15 or 20 calls a month, no email, and until our gate guarding this year, no texts either.

Right now we have 3 devices on our Verizon plan, my Galaxy S5, Jan’s LG Revere, and our ‘unlimited’ 3G aircard. And I know that Verizon has come out with a bunch of new ‘unlimited’ data plans, but it may actually be cheaper to put Jan on a contract phone of some sort with monthly minutes, which is what we’re going to look for at Wal-Mart. There are a number of cell companies that also use the Verizon network so that shouldn’t change.

And that way she’ll be able to move up to a phone that has a screen larger than a postage stamp.

Another good thing about getting off a day early from gate guarding is that it will let us get an earlier start Wednesday morning when we head for Columbus and the Colorado River Thousand Trails. Our friend Barbara Spade who is a ranger there says the park is pretty full with only 10 of the 126 sites not reserved. So we want to get there early to try and have the best pick of what’s left.

Which could be a 30amp Water Only site.

Thought for the Day:

When male bees climax, their testicles explode and then they die.

Well, that would certainly put a crimp in your love life, now wouldn’t it.