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Mackinac and More . . .

Today started out on an upnote when Jan was going through some of her old purses and found a nice surprise.

It was a $100 American Express Traveler’s Cheque.

Before we started RV’ing, I bought a couple of thousand in AMEX Traveler’s Cheque to tuck away for emergencies. I thought I had cashed all of them in over the last 11 years, mostly after I discovered that they weren’t all that accepted any more.

Apparently there’s been so many forgeries and counterfeits that everyone is leery of them, even banks. And even the bank chain (Chase) that issued them to me.

I guess that I gave Jan one to hide away and it just was forgotten.

Hopefully Chase will cash this one. We’ll see tomorrow.

Nothing much else interesting happened today so I thought I’d replay our visit to Mackinac Island in July 2013.

Three Things to Do When Visiting Mackinac Island . . .

1, Watch Where You Walk.

2. Don’t Step In Yellow Puddles.

3. Bring Plenty of Money.

After one of the muffins we got at Tim Horton’s yesterday, Jan and I headed about 50 miles south to St. Ignace, MI to catch the ferry over to Mackinac Island. To allow plenty of time to catch the 10:00 run, we left about 8:15. But making good time we got there about 9:15, just in time to catch the 9:30 trip.

Heading across the lake we found a lot of people already out there ahead of us.

Mackinac Island Parasail


One of the reasons we wanted to make the 9:30 or 10am ferry, is that these two make a quick detour over by, and under the Mackinac Bridge.

Mackinac Island Bridge 1


The two towers are 550 feet tall, and the suspended roadway between them is over 8600 feet long, making it the longest suspension bridge in the US, and the third longest in the world.

Mackinac Island Bridge 2


The supporting cables are 24-1/2 inches in diameter and made up of over 12,000 smaller cables woven together. And even though the roadway is open grillwork to let the wind blow through, the bridge can still sway up to 15 feet during high winds. Hopefully not this Saturday.

Mackinac Island Bridge 3


Finally approaching the island, the first thing you can really see is the world-famous Grand Hotel, site of two movies, including 1979’s “Somewhere In Time” with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour.

Mackinac Island Grand Hotel


Pretty much everywhere you look is a postcard view.

Mackinac Island Harbor 1

Mackinac Island Harbor 2


Getting our feet back on dry land, we spent some time walking the streets and checking out the scenery.

Mackinac Island Street View

Mackinac Island Yellow House


There are flowers everywhere you look.

Mackinac Island Flowers


Except for two police vans and three fire trucks, no motorized vehicles are allowed on the island. So this wagon is the UPS delivery van. There is a driver for the wagon, but a real UPS guy in his brown shorts actually delivers the packages.

Mackinac Island UPS Truck


And this is why you need to watch where you walk when you’re on the island. I also think it’s why the flowers are so bright and the grass is so green. They’ve got to do something with all that ‘fertilizer’.

Mackinac Island Horse Poop

Taking the Carriage Tour, we drove past the Grand Hotel, the only hotel I’ve ever seen that charges you $10 just to walk into the place. Needless to say, we didn’t visit.

Mackinac Island Grand Hotel 2


Our next stop along the tour was Arch Rock that looks down on the beach way below.

Mackinac Island Arch Rock


Finally leaving the carriage tour at Fort Mackinac, we decided to have lunch at the Tea Room there that overlooks the harbor.

Mackinac Island Fort 1


One of the other ferry companies uses jet boat ferries, giving them this distinctive “rooster tail”.

Mackinac Island Fort 2


There’s even this beautiful two-masted schooner tooling around the harbor

Mackinac Island Fort 3


Sometimes there are so many ferries coming into the harbor it’s almost a traffic jam.

Mackinac Island Fort 4


Looking down from our restaurant perch, seeing all the neat, colorful houses, manicured lawns, and brilliant flower gardens, I almost expected to see a large white ball named Rover go bouncing by.

Mackinac Island Fort 5

Mackinac Island Fort 6

Walking back down the hill from the Fort, we once again walked along the quaint streets, checking out the many shops, even stopping to buy some of the famous Mackinac fudge from Murdicks.

Later we spent an hour or so sitting in the rockers on the big front porch of the Lakeview Hotel, just people watching. Very nice.

A little later we caught the 4pm ferry back to St. Ignace on the mainland, giving us this great view of the Mackinac Bridge, a bridge that we’ll be crossing in our rig this coming Saturday as we head for Elkhart.

Mackinac Island Bridge 4


Before getting back on I-75N we stopped for gas, giving Jan a thrill and ending her day on a very moose note.

Mackinac Island Star Spangled Moose


Taking our exit off I-75 into Sault Ste. Marie, we drove through a nearby Holiday gas station to check out rig access to tank up with diesel when we leave here on Saturday.

Thought for the Day:

We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.~Winston Churchill (1874-1965)


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