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Trying To Finish Up . . .

Jan and I spent the morning talking over our Viking River Cruise plans, trying to get a better handle on when we want to go.

Right now we’re still looking at the last two weeks of April 2019 or the first week in May. The cruises actually start in March, but if you go too early  the spring snow melt can make the rivers so high that the ships can’t fit under the bridges. So your river cruise becomes a 15 day bus trip. And there are a lot of complaints online about this happening to people.

It’s not going to be our problem, but often if you cruise in the late summer/fall, often the rivers are too low, and it’s back on the bus.

Jan has discovered a lot of info online about river cruising. Blogs talking about “What To Do On Your River Cruise., What Not To Do, What To Take, What Not To Take, etc. And in some cases they seem to contradict each other.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

We headed out a little after noon to first have lunch/breakfast at the nearby Denny’s. Then it was on up the house to start getting the last of our stuff out. We had originally planned to make at least two, or maybe three trips back down to the storage unit. But it didn’t work out that way.

We ended up spending most of the afternoon sorting through and  throwing a lot of stuff away, so by the time we were done we only had time for one load. And even that didn’t quite work out.

When we got down to the storage area we found a large moving van parked in front of our entrance door with no indication that they would be moving any time soon. So we decided to drop the stuff off tomorrow before we head back up to the house again. At least we hope they’ll be done by tomorrow.

So it was on to our next stop, Pho 20 Vietnamese Cuisine, for a light dinner of a House Crunch Salad (we split it) and a order of Shrimp Spring Rolls. The perfect meal.

Tomorrow we’ll do it all over again, but with Mexican this time.

Thought for the Day:

Like the city of Austin, who’s thinking about changing the city’s name because Stephen F. Austin was pro-slavery, San Francisco was thinking about changing its name because it was named after a saint. However they dropped the idea when they found that Needles, CA was already taken. 


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