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Daily Archives: August 3, 2018


Well, as of about 1:45 this afternoon we probably sold the house, or at least I signed the contract and sent it back through DocuSign.

I say ‘probably’ since I won’t really consider it SOLD until the check is in our hands. Now Nick says it’s not really  SOLD until the check clears the bank.

We’re both right.

As it  stands now we will close on or before August 24th. Come on ‘before’. We just want to be done with this.

Brandi and Lowell also got some good house-related news today. After the 54 page report from the inspectors on Tuesday, the owner has agreed to make the required repairs, so they’re still go for a August 31st close. Though theirs may also be a few days earlier. So we’ll all see, I guess.

I left the rig about 2:45 headed up to Katy to pick up my lovely bride for the weekend. Unfortunately I have to give her back to Brandi and Lowell Sunday afternoon and won’t get her back again until next Friday. But she’s having a good time with Landon so it all works out.

I got up to Brandi’s a little after 4, before Jan, Landon, Lowell, and I headed back out a little before 5 to meet Brandi at La Finca, our favorite local Mexican restaurant.

Also meeting us there were friend’s Chantelle, Eric, and Maddox.

La Finca Group

And of course the kids, Maddox and Landon, couldn’t be bothered to look up from their tablets.

La Finca Kids

I had my usual Marcos Taco Salad with Beef Fajita meat, and that’s a lot of meat in there.

La Finca Marcos Salad 2

Chantelle is a travel agent and we spent a good bit of time talking about our upcoming European River Cruise, probably next spring sometime. Right now we’re looking at one of the 15 day cruises along the Danube, running from Budapest to Amsterdam, or vice versa.

Plus as I said before, Jan wants to see London, Paris, and Versailles either before or after the cruise. But we’ll see how it all plans out. This will almost certainly be our one and only trip to Europe so we might as well make the most of it.

And on that note, we want to get by the Post Office this week to renew our passports. Don’t want to wait until the last minute and pay extra.

Tomorrow I’ve got to drop off a key for the house buyer and then we’ll probably have to rent another storeroom for a couple of months (yeah, right) so we can go ahead and get everything out of the house and then sort through it later.

We still got a lot of family photos, scrapbooks, and other stuff that we need to look at. Hopefully we can get another 5×5 unit close to our other one.

Thought for the Day:

In my defense, I was left unsupervised. Again!


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