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Daily Archives: August 7, 2018

Lied To . . . Again!

Today being Tuesday and not a work day, it sure seems that I did a lot of work-like stuff.

After coffee . . . oh, I’ve got the mixture of the Café du Monde coffee and our regular flavored blend (either Crème Brulée or Hazelnut) down perfect. It’s one heaping scoop of the Café Du Monde and two level scoops of our regular blend. Smooth, not bitter, and still with the definite chicory taste.

Anyway, after coffee I headed out about 11 with a bunch of errands on my list, First up was a stop at the storage place for settle up on the new unit and get the number/location. And that’s when I  found I had been misinformed, deceived, hoodwinked, hoaxed, duped, taken in, mislead, or just plain lied to,

I was assured yesterday that I could get a unit right next to our present one. But then this morning I found out that not only was our new unit not right next door, it was in a whole ‘nother building. Bummer.

But I did confirm that I only have to give them10 days notice when we want to vacate.

Next up was WalMart where I returned some stuff and bought some new stuff, including a combination lock for the new storage room.

My next stop was the house to go ahead and load up some stuff to take down to the new unit, but when I came out of WalMart, it had started to sprinkle. And by the time I got to the house, it was raining cats, dogs, and other small mammals. So much so that after 45 minutes, I gave up loading up anything to take to the storeroom, and headed back out.

Except for a couple of lights left on, I saw no sign that anyone had been in the house checking things out like I was told there would be.

Heading back toward I-45, I  made a Sam’s Club stop for a prescription and another bottle of Focus Factor, the supplement that I’ve been taking for the last year to ‘enhance memory’. I had noticed that as Jan and I watched Jeopardy, I knew I knew the answer, but it just wouldn’t pop out.

All I can say is that it does seem to work. At least on Jeopardy, anyway.

The other big memory-enhancing supplement is Prevagen. Their big deal is that it contains a protein found in jellyfish. But since jellyfish don’t have a brain, or a central nervous system for that matter, exactly how is it supposed to help me? Doesn’t seem to help the jellyfish.

Then after a quick stop by the office to update some prices, my next stop was at a local small electronics store to try and find some cable to hook up my Digital Voltage/Amp Meters. I need 4 wires for each meter. Two for the voltage connection and two for the current-sensing coil. And I found exactly what I need. And all in one cable. It’s 8 conductor antenna rotor cable used to control a TV antenna rotor on top of a tower.

8 Conductor Rotor Wire

It’s rated for 200 volts, fine for my 120 volts, and neither the voltmeter or the coil draw much current, so no problem there. 

Should work just fine.

Miss You, Sweetie!

Thought for the Day: 

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