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Just Batching It . . .

The high bidder on our house emailed over a copy of the contract all filled in and ready to sign.

Except that Jan’s name is not on it, and needs to be, since her name is on the deed as well as mine.

The contract is the standard Texas Real Estate Commission version so there shouldn’t be any hanky-panky with it.  But just to be sure I downloaded a sample copy from the TREC website and compared the two, and found no discrepancies.

But there are still some parts that I don’t quite understand, so I’m going to check with a real estate lawyer just to be sure.

We’ve been needing rain and today we got it in spades. Over 3.5 inches here at the coach, and more officially in the area. And the lightning/thunder was pretty serious also.

About noon it started to come in buckets, large buckets. And the thunder was jarring the coach, so much so that it apparently jarred the DirecTV satellite out of alignment also.

I thought that when DirecTV went out, it was because it was raining so hard. But it was still offline when I got back home later in the evening and it wasn’t raining. So I set the dish to realign and got the signal back.

Jan and I headed out about 12:45, in the rain, of course. with our first stop at the Webster Rudy’s BBQ. Not for BBQ, but for a big jar of their coarse ground pepper.

Rudy's Black Pepper

We use a lot of it and theirs is really good.

Our next stop was our favorite East Star Chinese Buffet for lunch, great as usual. Then while Jan was getting her hair cut at the local SuperCuts, I stopped by my client’s to finalize things on the website for our August sale.

Next we headed over to the house to go through some boxes, and also wait for Brandi, Lowell, and Landon to meet us at King Food for dinner about 5:30. They were coming down to pick Jan up and take her back up to Katy to Landon sit. He’s decided that he doesn’t like his Day Camp so Jan’s going to stay with him the rest of this week and all of next week, until school starts on August 15th. I’ll pick up her this Friday, and then Brandi, et. all, will pick her back up on Sunday.

But until then, it’s just me and Karma, batching it.

Thought for the Day:

Concealed Carry in CA



Held Hostage By Duolingo . . .

And I paid the ransom too.

We’re still waiting for the last two house offers to come in, hopefully in the next day or so.

I thought I might have another possible buyer today, but it didn’t work out. My client gave me an ad card for another local company that buys houses, so I gave them a call.

They sounded very interested and kept me on the phone for almost 30 minutes giving them info on the house, and finally setting up an appointment for Thursday afternoon at 2pm.

Then on my way home I got a text asking me to call back to discuss what they could pay for the house. I thought that’s what they would decide after they looked at the house on Thursday. But I gave them a call when I got home.

The young lady said that she had turned over my info to the property buyer, the guy who would be checking out the house on Thursday. She said he told her that he was presently paying $75,000 to $125,000 for houses in our area, and would that be a price range that I could live with?

I told her that since I had offers for $137,000, $139,000, and $140,000, what did she think? After she was quiet for about 10 seconds, she said, “Oh, I guess not.” Then she said that she would cancel the appointment.

Now I’m not sure what was going on, but I really doubt he’s bought any house in our subdivision for $125,000, much less $75,000. But at least they didn’t waste my time.

The high bidder sent me a copy of the contract we will be using if we go forward with the deal, already filled in, so I can look it over. I was glad to see it was the standard Texas Real Estate Commission 10 page form, and not some in-house version with a lot of possible gotchas.

It now looks like I got off easy on my GPS problem. As I mentioned the other day, the new power cord did not fix my problem of the unit constantly rebooting. So I started looking at replacements units on Amazon.

Googling had told me that sometimes the problem could be caused by a bad update, but I hadn’t updated recently so I didn’t think that was the cause. And anyway, to fix it, you have to save all your data off, do a factory reset, and then spend a couple of days downloading all the new updates, and then load your data back on. Seemed like a lot of trouble to go to, especially since I was kind of looking for an excuse to get a new one anyway.

But Friday, while I had the GPS plugged into my laptop to download the latest copy of my Favorites from the unit, I saw that a new update was available, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

And it fixed the problem!

It worked perfectly all the way up and back to Brandi’s on Saturday, and then again to and from work today.

Readers will remember that I’ve been refreshing the Spanish I learned in South America as a teenager using the Duolingo app, and I’ve done my lessons for 203 days straight without a missed one. At least until last Friday.

Or so Duolingo said.

I actually did my lessons Friday at work while I was waiting for a backup to finish, and everything seemed to be fine. Since Day One, I’ve always logged my Streak Total, i.e. 203 Days, the lessons I did for that day, i.e. Lessons 13, 14, and 15, of Adverbs, Level 2, and my Lingot total. Lingots are awards you receive for lesson completion and extra credit.

Then Saturday afternoon I decided to do that day’s lessons while we were Landon-sitting at Brandi’s, and as soon as I started the app, I was told that since I didn’t do Friday’s lessons, I had lost my 203 day streak.


And when I checked my Streak total, it said ‘0’, and it said I had not completed lessons 13, 14, and 15. But my Lingot total was correct. So I can only assume that something happened on their end to lose partially lose my stats.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

However I was offered the Once A Month chance to regain my Streak for the small sum of $13.99 plus tax. And after fuming for awhile I paid the ransom and got my Streak back.

Hope they don’t make a habit of this

Thought for the Day:

If there is anything worse than a big bureaucrat – it’s a small, petty one given power.


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