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Can’t Trust That Day . . .

Unfortunately I’m pretty sure that the new power cord that I ordered for my Garmin GPS will probably fix my problem with the unit constantly shutting off and turning back on, all by itself.

I knew it wasn’t a bad connection or loose wire since shaking or wiggling it makes no difference. So what I did was bring the unit in the rig last night and plug it into my computer using another cord to charge up the internal battery in it.

Then this morning I put it back in the truck and used it going into my client’s, just running on the unit’s battery. And it worked perfectly, with no shutdown/reboots. And it worked coming home too.

I said, “unfortunately” because I already have the replacement GPS picked out. And I copied all my favorites off the old unit, ready to transfer to the new one.

BUT . . . I’m too cheap to discard a perfectly good GPS that’s still working fine, or at least will be when my new $6.89 cord comes in.

I’ve got three more buyers coming to see the house tomorrow, and a fourth one hopefully scheduled for Thursday, but I haven’t heard back from him about a time yet.

The first guy from the Ugly Houses people called back this afternoon, just ‘checking in’. When he finally came out and asked me if I’d made a decision, I said I had 4 more people coming out in the next few days and that we would probably be making a decision by this weekend.

Our RV Advenutes LOGO 4

So far our Splendide washer/dryer is working fine after my repair, so with that out of the way, and hopefully with the house out of the way after this weekend, I’ll be able to get back on rig stuff.

First up I going to use a garden sprayer filled with a mixture of water, Awesome, and Dawn to hose down the general area of rig engine’s oil leak and then hose it off. Hopefully then I’ll be able to get some idea where the leak is coming from using my new WiFi Endoscope Inspection Camera. I’ll probably will have to run the engine for a while before I can see the problem.

Then I want to get back on my Onan Generator problem. Since our recent Illinois/Alabama trip, I’ve come up with some ideas and some more things to check, so maybe I can get a handle on it soon.

Wrapping up, the micro 32GB SD memory card in my Samsung Galaxy S8+ appears to have died. I noticed yesterday that the photos I had on it had disappeared. So this evening I took the phone out of its Otterbox case and pulled the SD card out and reseated it. No luck.

Tomorrow I’ll dig out one of those postage-stamp sized SD adapters and try it in my computer, then I’ll know more.

Thought for the Day:

Alcohol does not solve any problems – but then, neither does milk. 


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