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Taken For Granite . . .

Ended up spending part of the morning at work helping my client’s wife on a problem she was having with her laptop.

Most of it due to the fact that her laptop is circa 2000 and is running Windows XP!  The system is maxxed out on RAM at 1GB, fine for when it came out, but today’s programs are much more RAM-intensive, and 1GB just won’t cut it.

I’m trying to get her set up with something newer, but she is really reluctant to switch to a new computer.

I also found out that I’m working both tomorrow as well as Friday because my client will be out both days taking CE courses for his medical license. I will have to duck out for a while about 1pm to meet the last potential buyer for our house, and then we’ll probably make a decision this weekend. But we’ll see how that goes.

Several readers have asked about Karma the cat.

Karma CloseUp

She doing fine, and as of our last RV trip, she’s finally settled down and doesn’t run and hide when she hears the rig engine start up. Now she either lays on the rug between our two chairs, or sleeps on the sofa.

Karma at Home 2

And she’s grown up to be a good-sized girl, at 13.2 pounds. We know her exact weight because the digital scale in the bathroom is one of her favorite places to sit.

And when I’m at the computer she normally sleeps on her perch right beside my chair.

Karma on her perch

And she’s turned out to be a much better kitty than I had expected from a half-feral stray.

Chris’ wife, Linda, sent over some pics of their new home up in Kingsland, TX, and it looks like it’s really coming together.

Kingsland House 5

And they’ve got Tonto, the real wooden Indian, in his new spot out on the front porch (shouldn’t he be called Kaw-Liga?).

Kingsland House 6

And this is what 3-1/2 TONS of crushed granite looks like. Chris hauled it in, got it unloaded, spread out, and leveled.

Kingsland House 7

Really looks great.

You all now I can’t resist a new toy, and this is my new one.

Digital Power Meter

It’s a Digital Voltage/Amp Meter that I want to connect up to the rig’s shore power input. Actually I got two of them coming in from Amazon, one for each leg.

My Progressive EMS has an ammeter indicator on it, but it’s out the electrical bay. The newer models have a remote display but it wasn’t available when I got mine.

I’ll mount these back in the bedroom, probably connected to the output of the transfer switch. That will let me monitor both the shore power and generator power. Of course that assumes that I get it working again. LOL

Last up, here’s a neat  website that lists RV Salvage Yards by state around the country. Check it out.

Thought for the Day:

Ignore crises. If they’re serious enough, they’ll reach the point where you can’t ignore them any longer. If they’re not that serious, they’ll go away on their own.


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